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Thinking about branching out with my graphic novels and getting some other stuff rather than Batman 😆 looking into Black Panther, any one have any suggestions?
Good luck out in the wasteland Jason!
Going to be finishing off my Father’s Day with a cinema night in with my wife watching Black Panther!
Fortnite is on the switch and I can play with all my friends across platforms! That’s insane!
More of the best pop protectors arrived today! From @ppjoeprotectors if you’d like to try them there is a link in my bio! 😁
Just watched the trailer for this and it looks epic! Love the animation style cannot wait to see it!
This is one good looking game!
Winning with a Lob shot!
Loving this game!
Mario tennis is playable this weekend on the Switch!
It’s happening! A Pokemon game has been announced for the Nintendo Switch!
Erik Killmonger Chase