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at first, all it took was the mere glance that you gave
and then the world started to make sense again;

just like sunlight slowly creeping through my window
as the morning bids its greetings, 
like the sky turning from melancholy gray to buoyant blue;

it felt like a cold breeze on a sunny saturday afternoon, 
exalt the tranquility it provides;
just as quiet as coarse sand waits for the oceanfront, 
then accepts its current and then drives it back,
and then slowly, slowly waits for it to come again;
like flowers in autumn, like the heat in summer; 
like leaves in fall, like snow in winter,
like a child silenced by a sweet, sweet song. 
but favorably. 
exquisitely. (yikes)
holocene // bon iver
how to breathe.jpg
tokyo says good night 笨ィ汳
got this for 150 at the booksale near AS-CAL yesterday. 沍サ汳
when the window blinds give you perfect lighting yo
this book makes me feel happy and sad and so much more, so help me
just an atom within infinity
went out of my way to take this shot 泗交沛サ沽や惠