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did some shopping today. saw some very cute things and the city just felt beautiful. before i left i talked through my morning in my apartment like a youtuber. ive been watching a lot of youtube lately and briefly thought i might want to be a youtuber. doing cooking videos and q&a and hauls and stuff sounds kind of fun but also very vulnerable to me but that is something im trying to work on. yesterday i went through one of my risd sketchbooks and read writing and saw drawings i had forgotten about. it put me in a good place. i bought supplies today. on thursday i took myself to the theater for the last showing of a film i knew i wanted to see but kept put off seeing. i haven’t gone to the movies in long time, let alone alone. i went to the walgreens across the street 15 minutes before and bought diet coke and mango. movie snacks are always overpriced. i sat in between an older man with a big bucket of popcorn on my left and a couple around my age on my right. i love watching films in different languages and it reminded me how beautiful German is. Yung Lean titled his music festival Wings of Desire, and when i saw there was a film named that i thought if Lean was in the slightest referencing it than it must be important. it was the most beautiful film i have seen in years. my waterproof camera that broke after DP is now working again :>. i couldn’t bear to part with it when it stopped working so i kept it. over the holiday i tried to turn it on and it turned on. so i brought it home with me. i moved things around my apartment a lot and cleaned more or less because my younger sister is coming this weekend. she has a scholarship to SAIC and wants to visit it. i cannot wait to be with her.
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