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Louisiana State University Alumna 🐯💜
Be you , love you . All ways , always .
#JustCallMeJae 🌻
Graphic Design | SC: Birdieshamir ✨

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Don’t mind my face, just look at my hair! 😍✨
Missing the beach. 🌊💖
I understand you don’t wanna go to sleep but the abuse is unnecessary 😒 #donthavekids
Lowkey miss him kicking around. VERRRRRRY  LOWKEY THO. #nationalbumpday
BREAKING NEWS: Logan loves the beach! 🏖 He’s basically a wave runner. 😂 So, we will def be taking unnecessary trips to visit Nana. #Destin #BeachBaby
I know it’s all about the 60¢ pancakes today, but Logan only cared about the cheese grits! Happy Birthday @ihop! 🥞❤️🍳
“It takes two to mango, mama! “ 
We had fun rebuilding in the community yesterday! 🌱♻️
Year 4 was quite the adventure. Maybe the most amazing or maybe the most terrifying either way glad we finished together. ❤️ Happy Anniversary! Welcome to year FIVEEEEE ✨ #howmanyheadachescanyoufitin4years #20014ifihadtoguess #070414 #iwaspregnantthewholeyeartbh
Strawberry cream cheese is someone’s new fave! Things always taste better when they’re for Mama! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️❤️ PS. No bagel is for me anymore. Thanks to his Nana!  @dahairgoddess.
Looking in the mirror, I thank God for what I'm about to be 🌻✨
My little potato 💕
I had a very busy and love filled weekend with celebrating Graduation along with my first real Mother's Day. When I realized I hadn't posted  anything for the last 3 days I was kind of upset. But now I realized I was living in the now and enjoying every bit of my family! We graduated, ate, drank, laughed & even played drunk uno! Thank you to everyone who was apart of this perfect weekend! I love y'all! 💕✨👩🏽‍🎓🍾 PS. This is only a few of the pictures so I need y'all to continue sending me the rest!! 😂