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#MondayMantra 💗
Left is about 60% dry and right is fully dry once the cast of scrunched out! Always get rid of the crunchiness because if the products are right you should have soft and defined curls hidden underneath don’t be fooled! 🕵🏽‍♀️
This is how i apply products/style my hair on washday🚿 I realised its a little too sped up 😂 but you get the general idea.
I start at the bottom and work my way up and to the front, using my @denmanbrush throughout.
I used..
@palmers Reconstructor Spray 🥥
@curls Blueberry Bliss Leave-in🍇
@mielleorganics Honey & Ginger Styling Gel🍯
Not the best quality but yesterdays washday results..🚿 I decided to give the @mielleorganics Honey & Ginger Styling Gel another go. I’m not a fan of gels and never use them as the main styling product but since i’ve only used it once i thought it was worth a try.
When applying,the gel did feel a little ‘squeaky’ in some parts but also had more slip then i remembered, strange 🤔 After diffusing i wasn’t too convinced as my curls looked so frizzy,HOWEVER once dried i smoothed in some oil and i’m loving the results! .
My hair is SO soft which i’ve never achieved before just by using gel alone. The hold isn’t as strong as i’m used to but the little frizz there is really isn’t that bad. It also smells soo good and the pump lid makes it a lot easier to use! Pleasantly surprised 😌
#MondayMantra 🌈
Since posting my results pic of styling my hair when sectioned vs without, i’ve had a lot of questions about what i mean by sectioning and how i do it. 🤷🏽‍♀️
This is a big part of my routine which really alters how my hair turns out on wash day. All i do is part my hair into 6 sections 2 on top, middle and 2 on the bottom (which i leave out since i style that section first). I hold them in place with salon clips and big bulldog clips which i get in a pack from primark. Hope this helps anyone who was asking 😌
Slick pony from a couple days ago.Using the Black Castor & Flaxseed oil Eco styler gel. This is actually my first purchase of any of the eco gels, know idea why i never tried it before 🤷🏽‍♀️ Plus this baby tub is so cute! My hair feels nicely slicked without being crunchy or sticky, so far so good 👍🏽
Finally went for a walk in the snow and this has now become my fave pic of me and my sister ❄️💕
I’ve had a lot of questions about my favourite products, i’m still trying to figure out which work best for me but so here are the ones i’m loving at the moment.
⭐️CREAM: @cantubeautyuk Curl Activator. I can’t recommend this enough! It has amazing slip and so far works with any gel i’ve paired it with. Very moisturising and give me the best results! ⭐️GEL: @cantubeautyuk Define & Shine Custard. I typically hate gels but and this is the only one that’s worked. I love using this with the curl activator for extra hold. It does dry crunchy but once the cast is broken it creates soft & bouncy curls. ⭐️OIL: @loverownaturals Summer Citrus Oil. Hands down my favourite oil! It contains endless amount of good stuff which means this is the only oil you need! I especially love this for breaking the cast of gels and adding shine! ⭐️LEAVE-IN: @superdrugloves Avocado & Manuka Honey Spray. So i’m not a fan of cream leave in’s just because i feel like it doesn’t add anything extra into my routine. I do however like to prep my hair with a spray, this one actually has a little slip and smells so good! I feel like it creates a nice base for the rest of my styling and it’s only £3.99!!⭐️MASK: @curls Blueberry Reparative Mask. This is the first mask i ever tried and it didn’t let me down. It’s very thick which i personally love and really feels like it’s penetrating you hair and scalp.
📝REVIEW: Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Capuacu Gel-Cream📝
So i purchased this last year as I really liked the sound of a ‘gel cream’ which would cut down on the amount of products i apply, and act as a 2-in-1. 🤷🏽‍♀️
It claims to have a ‘lasting hold’ and help with ‘frizz flyaways and poofing’. But my first impressions found that the product didn’t seem to have much hold and when i rubbed a little between my fingers it kind of disappeared into nothing. I was expecting it to change from a gel to a more creamy consistency 🤔
The directions say to use a small amount on wet or damp hair but when i did this my hair felt squeaky! My curls were immediately dried out and didn’t have a nice smooth slip that i have with other products. I have tried it with a little added cream from another shea moisture product but nothing really helped. Once dry my curls were very dry and frizzy with hardly any definition ☹️
I’ve only used this twice and unfortunately i don’t think ill be using it again, meaning i have a practically full bottle 😩 I think this may work well on less dense curls or waves but for me i don’t think so 👎🏽
Any tips on how i could use this differently??
🙋🏽‍♀️ How is this year going so quick!?
Left: NOT sectioning my hair when applying products. Right: Thorough sectioning.
Today i needed to do a quick washday inbetween my ‘proper’ styling routine which i didn’t have time for. The major difference being i didn’t section! *disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with the left image or frizz at all i’m just showing you my normal routine compared to a quick one 😌*
Pros of sectioning your hair:
✅ Products get a thorough distribution all over ✅ Less frizz
✅ Styles last longer
✅ Hair feels more moisturised .
Pros of doing a quick brush through:
✅ Not so time consuming
✅ Less definition but more volume ✅ Hair won’t feel so weighed down with products .
I think for a quick style the results are not too bad. I’ve been learning to embrace my frizz more because sometimes i simply don’t have enough time for the full routine and rocking some frizz is okay too! 💃🏻