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Can you tell who's been getting more sun this Summer? 😉 I'm so happy @hayleylanaee and I found a quick sec to do this cover for you!
This is just the beginning ... @ryancarr8 @dumbtati @josephconstantino
This is easily one of the funnest collabs I've ever done! So happy to be with @allisonclairemusic in this one! Check out the full video on IGTV 👊😁
I'm just really appreciating my job today!
always a groomsman
THESE GUYS made my day!! Link in bio if you want shirts too 😁
It's been a while ... but I'm happy to be back and recovered from this surgery! This new song from @onerepublic really helped me through some of these trying times!
February, 2016 we released another cover video, and this time – we chose a song that lyrically and emotionally meant so much to Hayley and I. Again, we really try to only perform songs that make us feel something and songs that will hopefully make others feel it too. There is REAL emotion in and through music. This song basically sums up our life, and we just HAD to make our own version. What many people don’t know – is for years I felt extremely uncomfortable sharing my voice. I ONLY felt comfortable beatboxing, and I’ll admit it was something I hid myself behind. So, I never sing in any of these videos, and I really regret that. Fortunately, I get the message later on and I start singing!
Our next video was a cover of @adele’s come-back song, Hello. We practiced the song maybe 2 or 3 times before we recorded it in the studio. I remember feeling extremely rushed because my other video had just gone viral and I knew my channel was getting more attention than usual. I wanted to post something trending/popular as quickly as I could. @hayleylanaee was nervous too, because she didn’t believe she could belt out the huge notes Adele hits in this song. I knew she could. She is amazing. I tried my best to convince her, annnd … she kills it! Not only that, but @spenstar22 and Chris pulled together their parts faster than I’ve ever seen done before. Later, this was a song that got us noticed by America’s Got Talent producers. Even though this was one of the fastest and most pressured projects I’ve ever done, it put us on the map and I’m so glad we did it!
This was the next video I posted after our See You Again video. Little did I know it would go internationally VIRAL and change the course of my entire life. 😁👊
I started this musical journey with my sister nearly 3 years ago. This was our first professionally produced video and we were so excited! We chose See You Again not only because it was searchable & popular, but because it was relevant to what we were experiencing – continuously losing friends and loved-ones. Hayley and I have always made emotion and authenticity the reason we do music. I love music because it helps me feel things in ways that I can’t otherwise, express those emotions to other people, and hopefully help other people feel the things they need to feel. On a rainy day like today, recovering from surgery, and not being able to make music, I am just so grateful for the past 3 years of experience I’ve had – starting with this video!
Such big laughs from such a little mom! Happy Mother's Day Mom! I wouldn't be who I am today without your incredible influence in my life! I love you!
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