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When they built Petco Park, they raised $ by letting fans dedicate bricks to people. Dad took me to tons of games as a kid. So I got him this for Christmas that year. Didn’t realize I was supposed to fit the letters on each line. Thought they’d autocorrect it for me. Nope. Found it at the game last night. Still not auto corrected. Love you, pops. #padres
Good morning. I got these flowers for you. Come see me at @kaaboodelmar today. 3:10 at the PALATE stage. I’m doing “Troy’s A Hack.” 40 minutes of rapid-fire kitchen and food tricks that changed me. Then we’ll go see NERD together. #troysahack #kaaboo #kaaboodelmar photo by @claire_elizabeth_smith
Maiden kombucha voyage. Got some black market scobies, black tea, and now my gallon jugs look like shepherds with their biblical headgear.
#damngood “Chicanos” chilaquiles with carne asada, sunny side eggs, Monterrey jack, sour cream, corn, creamy avocado sauce. It’s that avocado sauce. Owner’s mom’s recipes. And of course, housemade tortilla chips. They are breakfast nachos, and they are so much more than nachos. One of the freshest, real-food Mecxican dishes you’ll find in town. Same people who helped start Salud! Tacos and own Por Vida coffee shop. Love in the neighborhood. The Barrio is going through massive change, and Carrito is an example of how to do it right. Kept the soul, gave it a fresh coat of paint and better meat.
After spending $2 million on kombucha from stores, I’m finally making good on my threat to make it myself. Any tips are wildly, holistically appreciated.
If you dig iced coffee, but hate when it gets watered down, check my Instagram story for an easy fix. Ice trays are gold. I’ll be showing off a ton of hacks this Saturday at Kaaboo Del Mar. Come hang. #troysahack #kaaboodelmar
My sister and some hippie. I got kicked out of high school, barely made it out of the second high school, thanks to the principal pulling me into his office and drawing a Christmas tree on a piece of paper. Surfing was the drug that nearly did me in. Many people thought this photo would never exist. But hey I’m still alive. Thank you, @powayhighschool and I love you, Kimmer. #tbt
#damngood Lemon pepper Korean fried chicken at Cross Street Chicken in San Diego. Got a thicker skin than a DMV clerk. Garlic butter included for health nuts.
In my tiny kitchen. Spicy pork sausage with last night’s leftover gnocchi and walnut pesto. I love leftovers.
You work to eat gnocchi in a walnut pesto on a patio. Happy Labor Day. This one’s pretty damn good, by the way.