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Repost from @avemed using @RepostRegramApp - Le damos la bienvenida a UMA en Avemed. No te pierdas el workshop de Yoga este fin de semana, ¡¡¡Quedan pocos lugares!!!
Más informes al t. 4853344 o 4853345
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Next chance to practise with Umā: this August in Mexico:
¡No te pierdas a Umma Inder en Casa Shakti! Ella es una maestra muy especial con la que podrás
experimentar esa parte de ti que no has logrado expresar. Podrás llegar a nombrar esas emociones que
flotan a tu alrededor y que no has logrado entender. ¿Quién es Umma?
Umaa es buscada por practicantes gracias a sus décadas de experiencia en la sinergia entre Kundalini Tantra Yoga
y Ayurveda. Nacida en Africa, de ascendencia Hindú - Umaa ha recorrido un camino poco convencional lejos de la familia, escuelas y ciudades; un camino que la llevó a su iniciación en sus años 20 y su educación superior fuera del sistema cerca de un río en Bali (su hogar por casi 30 años). Entrenada uno a uno por un maestro renegado nativo-americano durante 14 años en condiciones aceleradas, salvajes y aisladas, Umaa apela a los buscadores de interacción con la herencia humana.

Es una maestra tántrica que te hablará de la sutileza para la exploración de toda la grandeza que eres. En este taller podrás: -Reconocerte a través de las sensaciones producidas por los sentidos.
-Reconocer que tienes ciertos sistemas que reaccionan ante los estímulos externos.
-Reconocer que esas sensaciones activadas vienen de una historia profunda.

Título: “Laya Yoga con Umaa Inder"
Para consultas: 14, 15 y 16 agosto 2018
Para taller: 17, 18 y 19 agosto 2028

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sábado y Domingo:
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Más informes al:
T. 8335 9807 #casashakti #mexico #umainder #freethequest #goingwithnature #yoga #yogainmexico #ayurveda #ayurvedalife
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Nordic Satya - Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda Intensive with Uma Inder in Norway. 
Experience - and integrate with guidance - deep insights into the world’s oldest, unbroken traditions of self-healing and spiritual awakening from the natural healing systems of Ayurveda and Kundalini Tantra Yoga - set in the Norwegian mountain realms. ~ Course essentials ~

Laya Yoga and Pranayama - practiced with commitment - purify, condition and ultimately unify our polarized bodily forces, leading to spontaneous bliss beyond the constraint of dualism, in such a way that Yoga may feel like the stabilized experience of "God pouring God into God". Having freed our basic, underlying nature to express innate consciousness, the re-organization and spiritualization of "personality" follows—not as a result of a forced set of rules—but as part of the natural order of things. Tantra is being with everything as it is.

The tools of traditional Tantra short-circuit our limiting patterns by liberating the body's thrust of captive bio-electrical energy to penetrate the somatic barriers of a programmed belief system.

Ayurvedic practice is a conscious self-responsible optimization, a life process of re-attuning to natural laws, preserving the integrity of our whole living being as we cross the thresholds of night and day, growth and decay.

Teachings will be delivered in the traditional way of oral transmission from teacher to student. Each student will naturally absorb and embody the knowledge for which s/he is ready.

Integrating our Ayurvedic studies, we will schedule our learning and practice sessions around the times of day and evening that support our wellbeing and optimize our natural capacities. 
Below is a basic description  of what our days will include: - Dinacharya (morning self care regimen)
- Early rise sadhana
- Breakfast
- Satsang
- Main meal and break
- Satsang
- Light dinner
- Sunset sadhana

Additional practices may include periods of silence, group excursions, individual assignments, traditional rituals or ceremonies, periods of integration and Q&A. Link in BIO for more info #retreat #yoga #Ayurveda #ayurvedicliving #goingwithnature #freethequest #hauste #umainder
Yoga is eye opening, freeing us to see all the ways we can live our dream until that point we want to share and give back to others who cannot yet see how much they matter. -Umā #quotes #yoga #umainder #ayurvedicliving #goingwithnature #freethequest
Yoga is heart opening, bending us backwards to understand how each and every moment in our life was purposeful even when it felt impossible to continue. - Ūma #goingwithnature #freethequest #umainder #quoteoftheday #ayurvedicliving #yoga #panchakarma #india #yogicscience
Yoga is mind opening, 
supporting us to think freely 
as we break out of the cages that hold us back from re-discovery of our own natural power. - Ūma #quote #umainder #goingwithnature #freethequest #yoga #ayurvedicliving photo from India
India-the place that holds the Panchakarma 2018 #india #goingwithnature #fishermen #ayurveda #panchakarma #umainder #dailyayurveda #cleaningprocess #choosinghealth
Preparing for Panchakarma 2018 in India. It is fully booked for this year, if you wish to be updated on coming retreats and panchakarma register for newsletter on www.umainder.com #goingwithnature #freethequest #umainder #newsletter #panchakarma #ayurveda #ayurvedicliving #ayurvedaeveryday #india
Gathering on the beach after Panchakarma- India, January 2017 #panchakarma #ayurveda #ayurvedahealing #umainder #goingwithnature #freethequest #india
Quote from "Truly Speaking" article written by Umā on www.umaa.info #freethequest #writings #umainder #quote #goingwithnature #satya
"Peace of truth" - Umā Quote from article "Truly Speaking" by Umā at www.umaa.info #writings #umainder #blogpost #freethequest #goingwithnature #satya #truth