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I am 🙎🏻‍♀️ and she is me
Always doing some stupidity
I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much rain, mud and piss in my life !!
A metre back and we would’ve been out of the mud but ok 🥴
VERY busy revising not at ALL binge watching movies and series. Deffo not googling one way tickets out of here 😇
I know more about the couple that was sat next to us’ life than my own x
I asked the waiter this day if they had toilets and he laughed at me ☹️
A tb of me with super smudgy eyebrows on a field in Glasgow. At least I’m happier than Levi‘s ² over there
Lots of fun being adopted into the ELSA family last night. Also incredibly proud of pro bono and all the work we’ve done this year 💜💜
Do I have to revise now I’m back in the UK? Can I run away again? Can someone run me over?
Currently mildly tipsy on wine but here’s a pic of golden hour on a random street x
No pics of today to spam so here’s another day 1 of me and my love ✌🏼