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A few “Thou shall” thoughts to wrap up our Sunday and prepare for the week ahead with our AAC users! #augcomm #DTAschools
Miss Christa is reading Head To Toes using her Tell Me AAC core word symbols on a nifty foam knee board, adapted by glueing on indoor/outdoor carpet strips for Velcro stickiness! (An Amanda Inman Tip!) #PrekAAC #DTAschools
Ms. Reyes has a bunch of these little gems, some speaking and some not. Debating some creative options for using these with a core word class focus and Tell Me AAC. Ideas? Let’s hear ‘em! #augcomm #dtaschools
Another day of hour long commutes gives me the opportunity to listen to my favorite podcast, this time with Jill Senner & Matt Baud, two people whose work I’ve been following around a lot this year! The best podcast for AAC nerds! #augcomm
“You can put this in the can.” High frequency core words taught in a Brown 🐻 theme in Kathy Teat’s preschool! #PreKAAC #dtaschools
Just a couple of sisters hanging out reading a book and talking! 💗 this so much! Thanks @threeoclockshop #augcomm
Meet Ms. Pettit, special needs preschool teacher extraordinaire! I spent the afternoon taking pictures of her amazing classroom and all the materials. We are starting a journey this year building one of 4 model communication classrooms . Already an awesome teacher, this is going to be so much fun! #augcomm #DTAschools
Ms. Moody’s students are working on visual attention. Lucky they have such talented teachers!! #DTAschools #augcomm
Using Senner & Baud’s SMORRES concept for teaching AAC partners again this Fall. All new gorgeous graphics to make it STICK. #WeMayEatChocolateToo #augcomm #dtaschools
Hanging out with the UGA AAC students this morning! Always great to talk with a room full of SLPs-To-Be! #augcomm
AAC After Work, Anyone?? I’m presenting on Friday but the week ahead of me is full of wonderful AAC specialists! And it’s free during the live event! #augcomm
“Bye!”= “Go away Miss Vicki, so I can have fun with Amalia!!” 🤣 #augcomm