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It’s so fun using our eyes to choose animals and instruments on our Sound Touch app #AACassessment #DTAschools
Listening to Erin Sheldon interviewed on my favorite podcast, Talking With Tech, who reminded me of these books I read long ago. Super surprised to realize these are the same foundation skills we teach for AAC Partner Strategies! #augcomm #DTAclinic #DTAschools
This is our version of an AAC Flipbook, which we share with our school districts. One of my most stellar teachers told me a story this week. The last time I was in her classroom an adorable little guy had a big upsetting meltdown over a toy he wanted and couldn’t have. His go-to means of acquiring the toy was to scream and cry, throw himself to the floor and desperately search for its hiding place. Ms. Wonderful Teacher has been modeling and using the AAC Flipbook consistently this Fall. This week our little friend got upset again. This time he grabbed a Flipbook, with tears in his eyes, presented it to his teacher and pointed at the forbidden toy, high on a shelf. No meltdown needed! PROGRESS!!! He knows the book is the medium to make something happen. He may not know those symbols yet, but he know the means to communicate!! Stay tuned!! #augcomm #dtaschools 👊🏼⭐️👏🏼
Created some simple visual supports at the Boardmaker Online Make n’ Take here yesterday! This is a token board so our students can pick their own reinforcer and then earn ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ for completing parts of their activities, following directions, attending, responding etc. #augcomm #visualprompts #visualsupports
Nerd Alert 🤓 🚨! Can’t resist anything with picture symbols on it! Just snagged this PCS decorated scarf, to go with my PCS Snap bracelet and Symbolstix lanyard. I should be all set now!! 🤣#augcomm
Build A Snowman Big Chart Communication Planning with these wonderful Rome City teachers & friends. Getting ready for Part 2 of the 2018-2019 school year! #dtaschools #augcomm
Who’s going to #atia2019? Somehow I’ve ended up talking a lot 😳 but luckily with some awesome co-presenters: Holly Schneider, Carole Zangari, Kim Galant and Lori Wise, to name drop just a few! 😁 Lucky me!! ~Vicki
Coach Colt’s summary of my aided language input training is this->We just point to these core words during an activity and possibly walk around with the smaller version pointing to the words available and letting the kids do as well. <-Yep, Coach, that pretty much sums it up!! 😁 #DTAschools #augcomm
Prepping for another morning of AAC training with partner strategies, vocabulary selection and lesson planning with a 22 pg handout! Here we go again!! #augcomm #DTAschools
My Internet Rabbit Hole of the day led me back to Linda Burkhart’s deceptively simple looking website, which is the cover for a set of AMAZING AAC related handouts. If you have a few minutes and want to learn from a master, head over here and pick any handout to read. Another AAC Master you need to know about! www.lindaburkhart.com. #augcomm
Lesson planning to meet our Classroom Communication Goals during New-2-You lessons! #DTAschools #augcomm
On New Years Day we organize the AAC device closet. All ready for a new year of evaluations! #augcomm #dtaclinic