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Ladies Hairdresser. #Cutting hair @Stark_Hair - Hair Extensions & Beautiful #bridalhair #Weddings #blowdry #extensionist #hairdid #Conditionist #cynic

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Action shot. 
Appointments available this week Tuesday Wednesday & Friday this week at @stark_hair
Hamlet Court Road The surprises know no bounds. Bumped into the man. @ourworldrecycled_____ 
apologies for looking looking like a bag of spanners. Had a bit of a late night. Ahem. #true
When the bubble bursts. Don't blame me. @emmamakeupmiles @daisydooevie2
This Ouija game is getting slightly out of hand. @emmamakeupmiles
Its the Buddy Trump. It's all the rage. 
#hairtrends #italiangreyhound #dogsofinstagram
Half term haircuts. #teamdorn #hairdid
I always enjoy learning about legends. 
cheers to @leestaffordpersonal for the ticket. 😉
my favourite part. Was Mark Hayes talking about a scenario where Sassoon came to visit the salon. Vidal gathered around all the new young assistants at once, He said to them. "Finally I get to talk to the important people." #legend
My kinda chicken salad. (With extra cheese & bacon) what do you think @essex_chef ?
Liquid Lunch @frankandlunas 
Diet out the window. Oh well.........was worth it.
Important message. Stop blaming God. She hasn't got anything to do with it. #cat #fact #godzilla
Here with chrome guy. #it
What a mess. New office/salon. Gonna be awesome.