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Sound artist & composer based in Nashville, TN. Recent work focusing on data, information and interactivity.


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#inthestudio: Tools of the trade. Langer's book is prompting some thoughts on how to conceive of my creative practice a little differently. Early on she explores the differences between significantion and symbolization, both of which I find to be present in my work. It's a topic that's crept up off and on - in one form or another - since my time at Belmont a decade ago. It has been a fortunate and fruitful reminder.
These two. 🌳🌲🚶‍♂️🐕🚶‍♂️🌲🌳 glad to be able to #optoutside for a couple days and take in a different view of the #cumberlandriver. #homeiswhereverweroam #reiemployee
Today we choose #trailsnotsales! #optoutside #reiemployee
#InTheStudio: (currently untitled. A nod to John Cage’s ‘Music of Changes’). Was finally able to take some time to create a bit today. Feels good to be listening again. Melody and Harmony notes are based on the location of something tracked - here it’s the mouse pointer (eventually, hopefully, a contemporary dancer?). Volume is based on the amount of movement in the frame (see my beautiful mug swaying side to side :p ). Doesn’t sound like much yet…it’s an early sketch. Piano and orchestral sounds are placeholders.

Working with all of this location tracking and site specific data has me thinking about a tangible sense of place and space. And what it means to exist in and be a steward of those places and spaces so that they can continue to grow and thrive. How shall we care for this big ol' ball we call home? It's a pretty amazing place. And by caring for it it seems that we can also care for each other. There's a good thought. Loving your neighbor, and all... Submitted my final proposal to the city for funding for Wade. Probably won’t sleep much tonight! Grateful to @rivivenash for partnering with me to get the project this far along…we’ll be waiting anxiously to hear what happens.

Be well, friends.
Enjoyed celebrating @beaustanton‘s latest piece with @rivivenash tonight. A beautiful addition to our city reminding us to take care of our water ways. Check out his work at 5th and Commerce and check out the work of #rivivenash.
Y'all, the Adagio has been rechristened as 'Wade [Music for River and People]'. I liked 'Adagio' as a title just fine for a piece of music, but it didn't seem to really work as the name for an event. 'Wade' seems to evoke something different. An invitation to step into the work. An opportunity to create an experience with the river rather than just listen to it.

Working today to connect with some potential community partners who can sponsor the installation here in Nashville through social media support and/or some fundage. Looking forward to see who might respond.
Thankful for the opportunity to focus on new things at the moment. And for changing seasons. We could see the dog's breath while we had our coffee on the porch this am. Feels like new mornings.
They tell you not to, but #iquitmydayjob today. This is my new aspiration. #iveneverbeenverygoodatdoingwhattheysay
These past few days have felt like fall down here, so the scent of grain and herbs from the garden seemed like a good way to warm the house a bit.
@little_t_truth we'll join you... #cheers
#InTheStudio: cleaning up some old #orchestral friends to round out my #portfolio. Looking for some projects to be a part of. Hope you all are well this eve. Spending some time wondering today. #orchestra #music #composer #arranger