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Sound artist & composer based in Nashville, TN. Recent work focusing on data, information and interactivity. www.aaronhokedoenges.com #wadenashville


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Repost from @nationalparkservice  As the nation prepared to celebrate the anniversary of its founding, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on July 2, 1964. The law is considered one of the biggest milestones of the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century.

Discover more stories about the pursuit of civil rights throughout US history at https//www.nps.gov/subjects/civilrights/index.htm.

Image: Mural at Freedom Riders National Monument in Alabama.
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Looks like he actually managed to break the news.
Hanging with the folks from @rivivenash on 12th south in front of the mural by @too_nasty_86 learning about the work they’re doing in the neighborhood.
I wonder what these pages said to Ms. Jones.
Some damn fine folks to be sitting beside. 😳😍 Be sure to check out the events for #makemusicnashville day today. It’s a celebration!
Happening now! Until 6pm, Wade [Music for River and People] is playing the song of Nashville's rivers at Riverfront Station downtown. Today only, so go check it out! And don't forget to chat with the folks from @rivivenash about the rivers while you're there. Also...free popsicles!
Been a minute since I’ve been able to take the bus. Love these little poems on the cards!
FREE POPSICLES! And #WadeNashville for one more day. Now that’s a good time!
Repost from @rivivenash  #WadeNashville is back for #MakeMusicNashville Day! 🎶 Experience the music of water and people this Thursday (6/21) from 8:30am-6pm at the Riverfront Station downtown. 💦
Nashvillians who take our One Degree Shift pledge from 12pm-2pm will get a FREE popsicle from @kingofpopsnash! 😋
#MakeMusicDay with @nashville_mta_rta
Checking out the venue for Thursday’s presentation of #WadeNashville at #makemusicnashville day! Presented in partnership with @rivivenash for one day only. If you missed it on the bridge, this is your chance! Riverfront Station downtown at the end of Broadway.
@rivivenash and I are partnering w/ #MakeMusicNashville to bring #WadeNashville back for one more day! Come hear the river's music next Thursday at Riverfront Station. More details soon!
All packed up, friends!! #WadeNashvile has officially wrapped. What a couple of months! It's been an amazing ride, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share my work in this way. It had been a dream of mine for years to put something on this bridge, and I can still hardly believe it came to be.

It's been so much fun, and it wouldn't have been possible without the people who partnered with and supported the project. Infinite thanks to everyone:

To @rivivenash for their love of our waterways and their vision of encouraging water stewardship in Nashville with public art. You all are doing innovative work, and I'm grateful to be a part of it. Especially to Nicholle Gerde for seeing the potential for this partnership, and for guiding us all through it.

@metroartsnash for your work in this city, your support of the artists who call it home, and your vision for equity here. To Lauren Fitzgerald for being awesome. For your thoughtfulness. And for navigating the net of city departments to make things happen in this town - it is an art in and of itself.  #THRIVEArtist #ArtsNashville

To the crew at @cornermusic for doing such a fine job on this weird project. Thanks for stepping out and trying something new.

And to my dear friend @rhythmmanbob , who gets it - and gets excited about it - every time I say things like "hey man, I want to wire up that big bridge downtown!! How would that work, exactly?!" You've been doing that for about 11 years now, and my art and my life are richer for your presence. Thank you.

And to everyone who heard cathedrals or whales or aliens or God or fingernails on a chalk board, those who loved it, hated it, were freaked out by it, entranced by it or just saw the river a little differently, thank you for being a part of Wade [Music for River and People]. Cheers to the next time! - AHD