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Can you hear Him say, "Follow Me"?
What!?...Mind blown. Let's go Spring!
Wondering why? Now you know! Just saying... #aayouth
Changing up Men's retreat due to weather. Holding it at church tomorrow 3/3 at 9am. Sr Guys, College Age, and all other men welcome even if you didn't sign up.
This is where it all begins...
Look up Galatians 5:13 today. A life with Christ produces freedom! How? Keep reading through the end of the chapter.
To dispel any confusion from YG last night...we (Phil&Wendy) are hosting movie night at our house for 6-8:30pm. We will be watching Wonder or a similar movie. Come on out if you can make it.
Give some thought!#aayouth
What a crew! Remember Night to Shine is this Friday and Youth Group is Saturday Night at 6pm. #teenchill2018 #aayouth
Give God the pen to your story! He's got an incredible story to write if we let Him. Remember we are back to reality today after such a great retreat, stay strong! #teenchill2018 #aayouth
Time to say goodbye to Delta Lake and the Teen Chill Weekend 2018. More pictures and follow up to come through the week! #teenchill2018 #aayouth
Teen Chill 2018 last Session. Thank you everyone for your support and thank you leaders for your sacrifice. #teenchill2018 #aayouth