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@kksixtprimorska win the thriller against @kkrogaska and remain the only undefeated team in the 2018/19 #ABALiga2 regular season!
Miloš Popović wins the game for @kklovcen against @kkdynamic_bg by scoring the key 2-pointer on 6 seconds before the end! #ABALiga2
After losing the previous 4 games in #ABALiga2, @kk_sutjeska_media bounced back by defeating @kk_borac at home court.
@kksplit_ are back on the winning track after beating @heliossuns at home court. #ABALiga2
And we are already getting ready for the 11th round of the #ABALiga2 season.

Who you got this week?
@djukaanovicm of @kklovcen is the MVP of #ABALiga2 Round 10! Congratulations!
THE STANDINGS: @kksixtprimorska on top, still perfect! @kkmztskopje, @okkspars2005 & @kklovcen follow in the Playoffs zone!

5. @kksplit_
6. @kk_borac_cacak
7. @kkdynamic_bg
8. @kkrogaska
9. @kk_sutjeska_media
10. @heliossuns 
11. @hkkzrinjski 
12. @kkvrsac
Let's check out all of the scores of the #ABALiga2 Round 10!

U like it?
💥💥 @cobbo20 of @kksplit_ with a REVERSE jam! #ABALiga2
Big win for @hkkzrinjski over @kksplit_ at home in Mostar! Their third of the season! #ABALiga2
Convincing display by @kk_borac_cacak & a win over @kkrogaska! #ABALiga2
@kkmztskopje grab their 7th win of the season, by beating @kk_sutjeska_media at home in Skopje! #ABALiga2