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🎥 Watch the thrilling ending of the 2019 #ABALiga2 Finals, Game 3

@kkmztskopje | @kksixtprimorska
📷 The 2018/19 #ABALiga2 champions!

@kksixtprimorska power forward Marko Jagodić Kuridža is the MVP of the 2019 #ABALiga2 Playoffs! 👏👏👏
The 2018/19 #ABALiga2 trophy belongs to @kksixtprimorska! 🏆
Congratulations to @kksixtprimorska on becoming the 2018/19 #ABALiga2 champions! 👏👏👏
It's all over! @kksixtprimorska beat @kkmztskopje in Game 3 and win the 2018/2019 #ABALiga2 championship!
Two players were not able to stop him... @boogieharristrois beats the 3/4 quarter buzzer! 👌👌👌 #ABALiga2 @kksixtprimorska
Andrija Bojić says "Get out of my paint!" 🚫

#ABALiga2 @kkmztskopje
You just have to love this finesse by @ljmedford11 of @kkmztskopje! #ABALiga2
@kksixtprimorska have successfully accomplished their mission of protecting their home court in the opening 2 games of #ABALiga2 Finals and are still unbeaten in the #ABALiga2 Playoffs!

How will it be in front of @kkmztskopje fans?
@kuridza_21 of @kksixtprimorska should have a STOP sign on his jersey! #ABALiga2
Another dominant performance by @kksixtprimorska in the #ABALiga2 Finals and a 2:0 lead in the series before moving to Skopje for Game 3!