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Want to see something impressive? Watch the performance of Aleksa Popoviト in the match against Borac! 笞岩嚏笞岩嚏笞岩嚏笞岩嚏笞岩嚏笞岩嚏笞岩嚏笞岩嚏笞
沁ッ27 PTS
沁ッ7 REBS
沁ッ5 AST
沁ッ34 INDEX

#ABALiga2 @kklovcen
That feeling when you beat the 1st placed team on the standings 沽酒沽酒沽 #ABALiga2 @kklovcen
KEY MOMENT: @kklovcen player @mrbica9 makes the crucial steal! 沽

The leader has fallen at Cetinje - @kklovcen beat @kk_borac! #ABALiga2
That feint made by @kk_borac shooting guard Nikola Peナ。akoviト... 汨汨汨 #ABALiga2
Is there an easier way to get past rival's defense than to perform a one-two pass?

Aleksa Popoviト 筐。ク Draナ。ko Albijaniト 筐。ク Aleksa Popoviト 筐。ク DUNK! 
We have seen some truly spectacular dunks in the 2017/18 #ABALiga2 season so far... Which one is your favorite? 洟
What a match! @kkdynamic_bg have beaten @kksplit_ in overtime! #ABALiga2
@kkvrsac left no chance to @kkavohrid. #ABALiga2
@mosakoja set the @hkkzrinjski hall on fire with this dunk! #ABALiga2
@kkrogaska enter the race for a spot at the Final Four tournament by beating @kk_bosna_royal and scoring their 8th win of #ABALiga2 season!
@hkkzrinjski made a major comeback to turn the game around after -10 at halftime and beat @bckrka! #ABALiga2