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Hope you’ve brushed up on your German, because it’s German Beer Day! Here’s today’s trivia question — no cheating German speakers!
As of this week, @Budweiserusa will feature our “100% Renewable Electricity” symbol. Our new label celebrates the renewable electricity we purchase and give back to the public grid. Happy #EarthDay
Your hint: This beer was the first to be bourbon barrel-aged — a process that pulls the barrel’s whiskey character into the brew.
April 7th is National Beer Day, where we celebrate the day beer became legal again — but this also made a second beer holiday. What is this unofficial holiday celebrated on April 6th?
Your hint: Historically, the first wheat beers were incredibly sour. Then monks started experimenting with orange peel and coriander — eventually making what beer?
Time for Beer Trivia: Why were beer coasters invented? Give us your best guess in the comments below.
We helped our South African farmers cut the amount of water used for growing barley in half over two years by using precision irrigation. 
Happy #WorldWaterDay
We’re committed to brewing beer that brings people together for the next #100+ years. That means protecting our environment and helping communities thrive. Today, we announce our 2025 Sustainability Goals. To learn more, visit the link in our bio #2025Goals
Our Eagle Lager is locally sourced in Uganda, helping to create a secure income stream for more than 20,000 small farmers.
Your hint: This beer is named after a famous abbey in Belgium. In fact, it was first brewed and perfected by Belgian monks over 700 years ago. Comment below and check back for the answer tomorrow morning!
In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating with these 5 female colleagues. Check out our Instagram story to meet them. #pressforprogress #IWD18
More consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional beer that are light, refreshing and in-sync with their active lifestyles. That’s why our global portfolio currently houses over 15 non-alcoholic brands, like Aguila Cero. #aguilacero