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I wish we live here. 🏝
So serene.
Simple gestures from the sweet little 👦 always melts his mom's ❣️.
Nate and 92 yr-old great granny, Ponciana. 😍
Love this kid to bits.
IV is out, thank God. ❤️
Breaking dawn.
I'm your biggest fan, your paparazzi. 😂😍 #hubbylove #husbandforlife #happywife #basketballislife
Commitment is a promise to give yourself, your money, your time, etc., to support or buy something. It's doing what you promise no matter what. @daneelnathan with the church youth during our Sunday School. #tandem #sundayschool #sundayschoolteacher
You'll always be my baby. 😍
It's seldom that we get to see a view like this. It's amazing and nerve wracking at the same time. LOL. No phobia but I'm a bit afraid of heights. Haha. Feeling ko anytime mahuhulog kami. 😂