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COMFORT. That word seems almost foreign to many moms. But it doesn't have to be. It's time to remove fear from birth.
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Chiropractic: Here for life's most cherishable moments
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Everyone gets so excited about birth as the estimated due date approaches. However, the excitement of others can pull you out of a patient mind-set and increase your anxiety. You have full and complete permission to stop answering your phone or texts, to post a request to your social media for friends and family to just wait, or to have all communication go through your partner. Remember, this is your birth and none of your requests for respect are out of line. 💜💜💜 For those of us who are patiently-or-not so patiently waiting, please refrain from texts that say "did you have that baby yet?". Instead you can channel that energy into making freezer meals for the expecting family, offer to pick up their other children and take them to a park so the pregnant mother can take a nap, or it can be as simple as sending a text that says something positive like "You are in my thoughts and I am sending you strength and love! You are doing an amazing!" 💜💜💜 Even the most well meaning intentions can increase anxiety, choose your words carefully, and proceed with positivity in mind. #womensupportingwomen #positivebirth #mindfulpregnancy #positivesupport #njdoulas
Research published in Neuropsychology earlier this year established a link between traumatic head/neck injuries and early cognitive impairments. We know that chiropractic care can play a crucial role in recovery from these types of injury which is one of the reasons that we are so adamant about young athletes checked for nerve interference and adjusted regularly!
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Dads!!!! We've got some gifts for you when you come in for your adjustment this week. Thanks for being the superheroes in the lives of your children and our community #superhero #socks #cape #youreawesome
We lead busy lives and are constantly bombarded by physical, chemical, and emotional stresses and traumas. By reducing interference in the nervous system, chiropractic care helps the body ADAPT and overcome so we can thrive instead of survive!
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