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Specialties in pregnancy, pediatrics, ADHD, Autism
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The Absolute team is SO excited to be back in the office serving you this week. We spent the weekend in atlanta where Dr. Anthony was able to speak in front of 1200 chiropractors and teams and we learned how to serve you better.
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Not giving it your all to put yourself in a position of #happiness seems ridiculous to me. You aren’t coming back, don’t you think the short term pain of doing something you fear is so much less painful than living a life based on someone else’s terms or opinions.
This Saturday lets commit to doing that thing we fear so we can have more happiness.
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Touch is so important! Hug your kids -- because they'll be smarter and healthier :)
LOOK UP! Tension on the head and neck from constantly looking down at our phones can lead to neck pain and headaches -- but because those nerves control EVERYTHING it can also affect balance, proprioception, and more!
We live in a world that is GO GO GO -- and our bodies can either SERVE us or HURT us. Keeping your body in tip top shape opens a new window of possibility to you and your family.
For those suffering with autoimmune disease and chronic pain, tasks that you and I take for granted, like walking the dog or taking a shower, can become debilitating events... But there is hope.
Why do we recommend a thorough #evaluation even after the tiniest of "fender benders?" Because #whiplash #injuries can occur at as little as 9 MPH!
A recent study showed that, under chiropractic care, individuals with low back pain not only saw an improvement in their pain levels but even their gait and stride length!
Because heart rate, rhythm, and blood pressure is all controlled by the autonomic nervous system, chiropractic care should be a crucial component to the prevention of heart disease.
Because chiropractic improves the function of the nervous system -- and the nervous system regulates healing -- it makes sense that individuals under chiropractic care heal and recover faster!
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