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Specialties in pregnancy, pediatrics, ADHD, Autism
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The medulla oblongata doesn't only make alligators ornery (see: the waterboy) but it is also responsible for our body's ability to regulate heart rate, rhythm, and blood pressure! The coolest part is that it is located at the lower part of the #brainstem right next to the top vertebra in the neck, the #atlas!
Happy #valentinesday ! Come enjoy an #organic #raw #paleo #glutenfree #grainfree #sugarfree #dairyfree #eggfree #soyfree and delicious treat from @coconutz_chocolate after your adjust-mint!!!!
A better FUNCTIONING nervous system means a better ADAPTING body! When it comes to the blood pressure, kind of like Goldilocks -- we don't want too high or too low, we want just right:)
Athletes around the world choose #chiropractic not only for injury #prevention but also to #boost #performance -- because when the stakes are high every second counts!
Happy Birthday to the brains and beauty behind the Absolute Chiropractic operation!!!!!! Enjoy your day Colleen!
Because the #nervous #system controls and coordinates the #function of every #system in the entire #body, including the #immune system, neurologically-based #chiropractic may be an option from many seeking hope with #autoimmune disorders like #lupus
We pride ourselves on being a #family #practice -- While we love seeing and sharing amazing stories and healing testimonials -- our favorite stories are those of the generations of kids under chiropractic care who will grow up to be HEALTHY adults!
Today, we are OPEN so we can serve the most amazing community and family we could have ever hoped for.
#newyear #resolutionseattle are piling in! What are YOU doing to make 2018 YOUR year?? #eatfoodandstuffboi
Chiropractic makes us smile! Forging healthy generations to come!
Chiropractic: It is not a treatment for any ache, pain, or disorder. It IS a system that seeks to improve your quality of life!
Due to inclement weather, our office will be closed today. Please use SKED or leave us a message to reschedule your appointments. We hope you stay safe, warm, and maybe even enjoy the snow like Maggie 沽