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Scaffolding design specialists based in the West Midlands, working UK wide. #scaffoldingdesign

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Advances in AI-assisted 3D modelling have yielded numerous inexpensive scaffolding design software applications. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of scaffold design software on our blog. #ScaffoldDesign #DesignSoftware #OutsourcedScaffoldDesign
Are you looking for a well designed and fully compliant scaffold design? Get a free quote for scaffold design and calculations here. #ScaffoldSafety #ScaffoldDesign #ScaffoldDrawing
There are multiple different categories of scaffold design checks which need to be passed in order for scaffolding to be safe. Find out more on our blog. #ScaffoldDesign #ScaffoldSafety #ScaffoldSafetyCheck
Our free guide to TG20:13 scaffold design guidelines will break down what is and isn’t acceptable in scaffold design and how to ensure you’re compliant. Visit our website to get your free copy. #TG20:13 #ScaffoldDesign #ScaffoldSafety
Construction site safety can be impacted by your choice of scaffolding. Learn the differences between tube and fitting and system scaffolding on our blog. #ScaffoldSafety #ScaffoldDesign
Access scaffold is commonly used to provide a secure platform from which to carry out construction work. Request a brief for an access scaffold design on our website. #AccessScaffoldDesign #ScaffoldDesignBrief
Find out all about scaffold handrails, how you can get them fitted and why they are useful when working at height in our recent blog post. #ScaffoldHandrail #ScaffoldDesign #ScaffoldSafety #WorkingatHeight
Why use up your valuable time when you can outsource your scaffold design work to help meet tight project deadlines. Find out more on our blog. #ScaffoldDesign #ScaffoldSafety #OutsourceScaffoldDesign
We produce scaffold design drawings in full colour and a range of sizes which can be customised with your branding and details. Request a quote on our website.
The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation set the industry standards in scaffolding. Find out more on our blog about TG20 Scaffolding Guidance and what this means for you.
Safety when working at height is highly important both for workers and employers. Find out about the regulations that you need to adhere to on our blog.
#WorkingAtHeight #ScaffoldingSafety #ScaffoldingDesign
The TG20:13 guidelines aim to standardise scaffolding projects to ensure safety. Find out which scaffolding design features are affected by TG20:13 guidelines in our free guide which you can download from our website. #ScaffoldingDesign  #ScaffoldingRegulations #ScaffoldingSafety