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Professional footballer at Middlesbrough FC

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The queen of the Clayton窶冱 !!!! never forget you  grandma 汨オ沛シ dou. love you so much . Miss.... you xxx #thequeen
Prezzie of the morning !!! It窶冱 official I窶冦 a blinder 沽酒汨ィ沛シ窶昨沁ィ沽を沁沁沛シ#peakyblinders
Merry Christmas everybody . Can窶冲 go to bed without leaving Santa 沁沛シ some milk and cookies 沚ェ. 沁沛シ沁泄コ沛シ
Loves his dad !!! 笶、ク条汾
My boys 笶、ク鞘擘ク can窶冲 buy a yard when I get home 沛.
Well done to the little bro , under 2hours for his first Manchester half marathon in memory of our late grandma .... 笶、ク鞘擘ク鞘擘ク条沛沛沛 go get a well deserved 沚サ down your neck
The three amigos !!! @tommytuckk must be 23/24 years ago this . 笶、ク鞘擘ク鞘擘ク
So proud of you both @tommytuckk @katie111191 can窶冲 wait to meet the newest member of the Clayton clan a gorgeous little ....
Happy birthday to my eldest boy !!! 5 today 笶、ク鞘擘ク鞘擘ク #theking
Last game before international break . Let窶冱 end the month on a high !!! #utb
Game day . Let's go !!! #Utb