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Childhood Week Day 07: Red // Maybe they don’t forget about you, but they forget to remember you.

To be honest, I struggled with this prompt because it’s so vague and I was this close 👌🏻 to giving up. So instead of brainstorming, I spent the past few days procrastinating and watching Home Alone series on Netflix which sparked off this piece. 
Red is a festive colour and I wanted to portray that without being too explicit so here’s a scene out of Home Alone 2.

In hindset I should have done something related to Chinese New Year...
Childhood Week Day 06: Howl

I was never a dog person until I met the cutest Shih Tzu while working on set in Y1. I now say hi to all the dogs I come across and get especially soft when it comes to Golden Retrievers ✨
Childhood Week Day 05: Games

Growing up without any siblings, I’d look forward to Sundays where the whole extended family would be at grandpa’s house. We’d make weekly trips to Greenridge Shopping Centre, fly kite at the field by Zhenghua Secondary and play with whatever’s in trend - like Beyblade.

I remember having a toolbox full of Beyblades to bring to “battle”. I still carry a toolbox now. Except that it’s filled with paints and brushes that I use to battle my GPA.
Childhood Week Day 04: Rain

This doesn’t technically fall under my childhood since it happened when I was 17 but I thought it was a pretty nice “rain memory”. I had my first out-of-school camping trip at Changi Beach when I was 17. It was to watch the meteor shower (or something) but the only shower we got was from the clouds. It rained so hard that D woke up thinking that our tent had floated out to the sea. Spoiler alert, it didn’t.

And while all these chaos was happening, guess what I was doing? Sleeping soundly in the drenched tent lol.
Childhood Week Day 03: Parade

According to Google’s definition, a parade is a “public procession”, especially one that celebrates an event. This isn’t really a public procession but it’s a celebration, a celebration that welcomes the new year.

When I was younger, Lunar New Year meant loud festive music at Boon Lay, lots of junk food and the scary Lion Dance. I remember being scared out of my wits whenever the Lion Dance troops came. 
As I grew up, I realised they aren’t the scariest things around. Adulting is.
Childhood Week Day 02 - Giant

Growing up, I had this recurring dream of me balancing two giant stone. And when this happens, I’d know immediately that I’m down with a fever.

They say fever dreams are a mix of fever and nightmare. I’m not sure what to interpret from this ‘nightmare’ tho. Maybe deep down I’m scared of stones?
Childhood Week Day 01 - Search

In a bid to search for my passion, I CCA-hopped a lot in primary school. And for a brief moment, I was in Wushu, tho that lasted for only three lessons.

I’d like to think that with my three-lessons worth of Wushu skills, I’m equipped with the knowledge to fight people (I’m kidding pls don’t try to fight me irl)
Now that I’m done with school, I can finally work on personal projects like Childhood Week!! // The Wonderful Torch was my first ever Enid Blyton book. I remember browsing through all of her book at Popular and picked this up because the cover was cute lol
Mori (森): A wedding service which provides a body of traditions and knowledge on Chinese wedding that does not compromise on the modernity, for the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Me at the end of week 7.
Currently working on a larger-than-life banner that’d be out in a months time! Can’t wait ✨
I’m so excited to finally be able to share this secret project that I worked on (as an illustrator) earlier this year!

Let’s Be Friends is a children’s illustrated book that tells the story of a Tapir who constantly finds fault in his friends until the day he was put in a similar situation.

The book is available for purchase from 6th to 8th September at the National Library!