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I’m so excited to finally be able to share this secret project that I worked on (as an illustrator) earlier this year!

Let’s Be Friends is a children’s illustrated book that tells the story of a Tapir who constantly finds fault in his friends until the day he was put in a similar situation.

The book is available for purchase from 6th to 8th September at the National Library!
Slide into my DMs for a personalised portrait! Help fund a poor student 🙏🏻
Oscar selfie???
Note to self: wear plain tees in the future
Summer vibes // I’m open for commissions! Slide into my DM ✨
I want jack-jack’s anti combust suit so I can just set myself on fire whenever I want food.
Say hi to my little monsters! There’s pizza, bubble, cornbread.. and oh, wonky worm (pretty obvious which)
The result of procrastination.
Big project coming through! I’ve been putting this on hold for the longest time, I can’t wait to share more WIPs ✨
It me.
I’m coming for you, mango sticky rice #adxbkk
Laura & Charlie’s Adventures: a series of illustrated children’s books that introduces children to the topic of sex from a young age.