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Great toe extension is important for walking, running, jumping and many sports. How can you “toe off” during gait or basic walking if the toe can’t extend? Will there be compensations up stream? Like say how much you turn your ankle out? Or how much your foot arch collapses? Or how about that bunion?
- [ ] PAILs contraction pushing into the floor or object
- [ ] RAILs contraction to train the regressive tissue and actually improve mobility
- [ ] Passive stretch hold
My big toe extension has improved dramatically doing CARs and P/R work in the morning with my coffee. No other part of me is this mobile 😂
Thanks @coachzachdeck for the big toe extension challenge and for an awesome and inspirational page overall. @joelavapt has a great page as well with good toe and foot work. And obviously @thefootcollective
New blog post is up....why just resting your chronic injuries is not going to help you progress in your training. Link in bio
Good luck to all of my patients and friends participating in the Chicago Marathon today honoring Pheidippides, the Greek courier who ran 26 miles after the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. He ran 26 miles ahead to Athens wherein he proclaimed “Nike!” or “Victory!” and then proceeded to expire from exhaustion. Today, many athletes will wear Nike, while they battle exhaustion on their way to completing the 26 miles. Good luck to everyone competing, unlike the horrid sports chiropractors of Ancient Greece who let poor Pheidippides die, I am here for all of you for any post race aches and pains. Carpe Diem
#crossfit #Illumine #athletes #do #their #CARS #everydamnday #its #built #into #the #workout
Hamstring eccentrics. The devils work. Nordic Hamstring Curls, reverse hamstring curls, etc. This is a highly effective exercise for the tissue on the back of your legs. It should have the capability of contracting while lengthening. This can help prevent hamstring injuries due to the eccentric emphasis. Try them with a partner or on a GHD. #ouch #rehab
Muscles. In this case hamstrings. We only think about them when they’re tight, or if they’re hurting (looking at you long distance runners…) or if they’re really tight behind the knee (hint: thats probably your sciatic nerve which you shouldn’t stretch)
We do exercises that use them, load them, overload them, etc.. We do exercises that lengthen them through a movement, or shorten them through a movement. 
But we don’t think about training the hamstrings (or any muscle/tissue group) at various stages of range of motion. Why not? You should be able to contract your hamstrings at full length, at mid range, at short range, etc. But typical accessory work doesn’t account for this type of training. It should.
We know injuries happen at end ranges of motion. They also happen at mid ranges of motion. Injuries are unavoidable. How do injuries happen? When the load bearing capacity of your tissue or muscle or whatever is LESS than whatever sport/activity you’re doing. So when the load imparted exceeds the load your tissues can handle, stuff breaks, or pops, or tears and swells. Then you rehab it back to “normal”. Except your normal got you injured in the first place. Because your “normal” wasn’t good enough for your activity. 
Train your tissues to exceed the loads you’re putting them through. And you can mitigate injury risk. Can you 100% prevent them? No. Don’t expect that, that’s silly. 
Here, this rugby athlete is demonstrating contraction of the hamstrings from an already shortened position. One month prior, it was a hassle lifting this 90lb leg off of the ground. Now, he’s elevating it off of two stacked yoga blogs. Tissues adapt to the loads you put them through. It’s just a matter of what you’re doing. 
Train smarter. Also, don't panic if you cramp trying this exercise. You don't need a Gatorade gel pack I promise.
New blog post on spine specific mobility training. It's an exercise some of you may know, but seen through a different lens. Link in bio...
Making parts work better equates to better movement potential
Quick and easy wrist warm up. Keep most of your weight on your knees and for sure don't do this if you already have wrist pain. Link to video in bio..
Learning the tools to take care of your body while participating in strenuous training is essential. It's not just foam rolling and smashing baby 😎
What do you do when the WOD ends? What does your cool down look like?
Do you dedicate time to it like the warm up?
Do you just jump back in the car and rush off?
What constitutes a good cool down?
Should it relate to the type of work you just did?
Should everyone's cool down be the same?
The point something.
Let the challenge continue. For some reason the providers of Active Health Spine & Sport @activehealth_granitebay @activehealthreno @activehealthvictoria and yours truly, are instafitchallenging each other. Naturally I'll do something with kettlebells hoping it's too far out of their comfort zone. Only rule, play it safe...relatively. Challenge is....complete complex of Left Hand One Hand Swing, Snatch, Windmill, 2nd Half of a Turkish Get Up so the get down, and walk through a dust cloud