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On site integrated chiropractic sports clinic located within Crossfit Illumine • Part of Team Active Health


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Making parts work better equates to better movement potential
Quick and easy wrist warm up. Keep most of your weight on your knees and for sure don't do this if you already have wrist pain. Link to video in bio..
Learning the tools to take care of your body while participating in strenuous training is essential. It's not just foam rolling and smashing baby 😎
What do you do when the WOD ends? What does your cool down look like?
Do you dedicate time to it like the warm up?
Do you just jump back in the car and rush off?
What constitutes a good cool down?
Should it relate to the type of work you just did?
Should everyone's cool down be the same?
The point is....do something.
Let the challenge continue. For some reason the providers of Active Health Spine & Sport @activehealth_granitebay @activehealthreno @activehealthvictoria and yours truly, are instafitchallenging each other. Naturally I'll do something with kettlebells hoping it's too far out of their comfort zone. Only rule, play it safe...relatively. Challenge is....complete complex of Left Hand One Hand Swing, Snatch, Windmill, 2nd Half of a Turkish Get Up so the get down, and walk through a dust cloud
Let the games continue. @activehealth_granitebay is on #EPO if he did 21 cal in 35 seconds. My one and only lifetime attempt was 42.999 seconds.
When training to improve independent motion in the glenohumeral joint (your shoulder) it's important to generate the motion from the joint. This is important on many levels, blog post on that topic coming soon... link to the video in bio
Congratulations to #activehealthathlete @jakeweisstkd on a great performance this weekend at the USTF Taekwondo National Championships!
TGU's between PT's. All day
Make Hips Great Again! New blog post on joint specific training. Link in bio
They say too much of anything isn't a good thing. That  person clearly never learned hip CARs. They also say dance like no one is watching. I say do your hip CARs even when no one is in the gym, not just as a cool warmup pre class or when the in house chiro walks by 😉
I do controlled articular rotations #everydamnday in order to
•Maintain range of motion
•Improve articular health and longevity
•Improve the control over my range of motion
•Properly and methodically warm up •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Controlled joint articulations should be performed on a daily basis in order to maintain your range of motion. It's simple, use it or lose it. That's the minimum people! On top of that, joint mobility training for performance is a separate beast!
This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Functional Range Assessment course offered at @onnitacademy. Link to my review is in the bio...