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Some highlights from my appearance on @thexfactor w @leonalewis and @aydafieldwilliams (thanks for the edit @iammochuisle )
More from  @thexfactor (thnx @iammochuisle)
Happy National Coming Out Day!  Anyone out there struggling with a secret: you will feel such a beautiful sense of liberation when u finally step into your full truth. I came out at 18 yrs old and even though it was a bit scary, all of a sudden I finally felt like I could be ME. My relationships felt deeper. Take the leap. For anyone who rejects you for it, there are more out there who will celebrate it with you. #nationalcomingoutday 🌈
So excited to sing with the vocal goddess @ledisi for NBC’s Wicked 15th Anniversary Halloween celebration!
Woohooo! So excited to announce this! I’ll be featured as evil Emperor Maximus in Playmobil: the Movie.
@bohemianrhapsodymovie !!!! Soooooon!
Thank you @aydafieldwilliams for asking me to join you and @leonalewis for your judges house!  @thexfactor
Happy Birthday @terrancespencer !!!!! You are the sauce! Thank u for your friendship and artistry! I 💜 ya!
October Ready
On fridays we wear black!
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