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“I’m told my best subject is sleeping, but I think it’s eating!” 🍙🍎🍡🍰🥟 Always Hungry V2 will drop August 1st @ 6PM EST! 💕
I have 10 of both of these pins left on my site, make sure to get your orders in before my convention! ✨ I can’t guarantee what will be in stock afterward 💔
📸: @hikarikiss
”Us worst gems gotta stick together...” 💜 Smoky Quartz is the last Steven Universe print I’m drawing (for now)! ✨ I still want to draw Stevonnie and the other fusions we’ve seen for a second collection, plus I hope we see a new version of the temple fusion soon 🤩
🧡 VENUS STAR POWER, MAKEUP! 🧡 A little PSA: I have just 9 of these pins left on my shop after I reduced stock for my convention this month ✨ I’m unsure what I’ll have left after the con, so get your orders in now! 🤗
📸: @mechanicalkira
“You’re outnumbered.” 🔥 Alexandrite is the 4th print in my Steven Universe series! I really love Alexandrite and I’m excited that we get to see more of her next week ✨ The next (and final) print is Smoky Quartz! 🌟
▶️ SWIPE ▶️ for the timelapse video of me drawing Alexandrite!
🎶“Alexandrite” - Alexandrite’s theme
I’m OBSESSED with keychains right now! ✨ Strawberry is one of my fav flavors and I wanted to make a cute glittery keychain dedicated to it 🍓 Do you want to see this come to life? 💕
“My work here is done.” “But you didn’t do anything.” 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tuxedo Mask is the next entry in my moon magic weapons series! 🌹✨
After saying over and over that I wouldn’t... I’m continuing my moon magic weapons pin series, starting with Sailor Chibi Moon! 💗 Tuxedo Mask and the Outer Senshi are coming next ✨
Slice your enemies apart and break hearts with the Heartbreaker Axe! 💔 This is the third and final (for now) piece of the Love Arsenal collection... I’m thinking maybe a pin for this one? Tell me what you think 💭✨⠀
PLUS I’m running a 25% off pins and accessories sale until June 24 @ 11:59PM EST to celebrate my birthday! Use code “BDAY18”! 🎉
Next in the Love Arsenal is the Guardian of Love shield! 💝 Who wants to see this as a pin? Maybe a patch? Let me know what you think! ✨
Hi, everyone! 💖 I want to expand my collection of original art so I present you with the first piece from the Love Arsenal collection, the Wand of Love! ✨ Inspired by the weapons and magical items from Sailor Moon and other magical girl media! I’m thinking a pin, maybe an acrylic keychain? Let me know in the comments! 🔮
🌟 GOOD EVENING, EVERYBODY! 🌟 The lovely Sardonyx joins my new series of Steven Universe prints! Sardonyx is one of my favorite SU characters so I really enjoyed working on this ❤️ Next print will be Alexandrite!
▶️ SWIPE ▶️ to see the process video of me bringing Sardonyx to life!
🎶 “Enticement” - Garnet and Pearl’s fusion dance music