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glad you slid into my life ❄️
one more sleep till christmas!
it’s good to be home
"I just like to smile; smiling's my favorite.”
A south Louisianian learned how to sled today 🤙🏽
IKEA was cool #grumpygardengnome
To all those who are too scared to go where the Lord is calling for fear of being alone, rest assured, God will supply all your needs. To those who have extra love to give, don’t be afraid to open your homes. You never know how much someone may need you. •
When we become followers of Christ we not only gain God as our heavenly Father, but we receive a family of fellow believers. The love of Christ and the gift of adoption has taught me that anyone can be your family. God has gifted me with a NC family, and I consider that one of the greatest things He has given to me. I am so grateful for these folks that have taken me in, called me their own, and treat me like another one of the clan. From teaching me about how to function in cold weather, to answering all my medical questions, and always being a safe place to run to, they are always there. My heart is so full.
poetry & portapotties are two words to describe this weekend (and the name of our next album). we found a cabin in the middle of the mountains where cell service was nonexistent, hot running water was only a dream, and silence was loud. 🤙🏾
never quit. never settle. never borrow money. 
work hard. pray hard. save hard. 
introducing my new car, a ‘02 subaru forester.
chase after the dream not the money
steps to moving states:
make new friends ✔️
10/10 would recommend following God’s direction in your life. He is so good and I’m living the dream. 📷: