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blood doesn’t make a family, love makes a family.
• - i thank God every day that my parents said “yes” to adoption and I pray that one day i’ll be able to do the same. - Joshua has rocked my world. turned my life upside down. he is my hero. november is national adoption month. - please support adoptive/foster families, pray for those in foster care, and consider saying “yes.” these. kids. need. us.
poetry & portapotties are two words to describe this weekend (and the name of our next album). we found a cabin in the middle of the mountains where cell service was nonexistent, hot running water was only a dream, and silence was loud. 🤙🏾
never quit. never settle. never borrow money. 
work hard. pray hard. save hard. 
introducing my new car, a ‘02 subaru forester.
chase after the dream not the money
steps to moving states:
make new friends ✔️
10/10 would recommend following God’s direction in your life. He is so good and I’m living the dream. 📷:
reason number 212 why i’m in love with this state.
currently sitting on top of a mountain of clothes that I refuse to fold and eating microwaved chicken nuggets. let’s stop comparing lives find beauty in the mundane.
sparking up new friendships 💥
one time a classmate told me “Grace you’re just not afraid of life.” She had heard about my mission trip to Yellowstone a few summers back and thought I was insane to just pick up and leave. Several people over the years have told me similar things about my life choices and how I fearless I must be. Well I’m here to say don’t let the instagram reel fool you. I am scared to death. Moving to a new state and leaving everything you know isn’t easy, it isn’t comfortable, and it’s surely not as sunny as this picture. This journey has been and continues to be hard. BUT I also am fully trusting in Christ knowing that his plan is perfect.
🎶“they say good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye”🎶
No amount of hannah montana lyrics can express how thankful I am that I became friends with the girl across the hall. This season has been a hard one and through it all she’s been there to lean on and to remind me of Christ’s goodness. The summer may be over, but this is only the beginning of many more adventures to come. #sophiagraceadventures