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just take a deep breath
Due to some circumstances I had to take an unexpected trip back home to LA for a little while. My hope would be to return to ridgecrest and finish out the summer, but I'm not completely certain what the rest of this summer will hold. Please pray for peace during this time. (📷: @sydneycraven )
In the dictionary by the word beautiful there is a picture of Natalie Sue Short. Not just the 'beautiful' that covers the fronts of magazines and tv screens, but the kind of beautiful that people have to double-take. The kind of beautiful where Christ's love bubbles out of everything she says and does. The kind of beautiful that the world needs more of. I am honored to have a friend that is the definition of pure beauty inside and out.
This tree has roots to keep it grounded so when the winds come it will stand. Like this tree I've chosen to ground myself. I ground myself in Christ. He is the one who holds me fast. I've been hit with a lot of "winds" this past week and still He whispers "I'm holding you, cling to me."
get outside🌲
we're the girls of ridgecrest recreation and we're taking over the world
I like hiking up mountains in NC, but I love hiking into gullies with you a million times more. I'm counting down the days until I'm back in the flatland adventuring with you again. 📷: @lukegalbo14
face your fears and just 
j u m p 📷: @nataliesueshort
This is Natalie. Sue is her middle name, but it should be Joy because I think that describes her better. I'm so thankful the Lord saw fit to let me befriend this super rad kid (even if she is a yankee from Ohio).
I'm halfway through the summer here in NC. I've had my fair share of of ups and downs, highs and lows, mountains and valleys. I feel as though I'm at a spiritual "boot-camp" here. The Lord is teaching me a lot about grace, patience, love, and encouragement. He's breaking me and making something new.
He set a a fire in her soul and she chased after Him through wind and storms, because in the end she knew His plan was good, because He is good.
let me take a second to brag on this girl. We've been through the mountains and the valley she's been there through it all. She inspires me, sharpens me, and encourages me to be a better human. Honestly I'm not sure how I scored such an amazing gal for a best friend. love you babe 💕 I am counting down the days until the summer is over and the dynamic deuo can be reunited.