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This September, we're celebrating the beauty in the creative process. Share your work with #Adobe_PeekAtProcess for a chance to be featured.

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Swipe ➡️ to see illustrator @samlarson mix, paint and peel his way to a vibrant mountain sunset. Share your creative process with #Adobe_PeekAtProcess for a chance to be featured.
Illustrator @furrylittlepeach gives us a peek into her creative process, complete with watercolors, whimsy and @oreo cookies.
Does your art studio look something like this? 💥 For 3D artist Diego Querol, the mess is the masterpiece. Link in bio to see how 'Arts & Crafts' went from idea to execution.
What if you could paint using Edvard Munch's 100-year-old paintbrush? Watch as illustrator @andreaspreis uses a digital brush to interpret the iconic work 'The Scream’. Link in bio for the full making of.
(🔊 on) The satisfying sound of peeling back tape on a crisply lined watercolor. 🎨 + 📹: @kelogsloops
Want to go for a paddle? 🚣  Illustrator @bemocs gives us a look at the creative flow of his 4th of July project for @rei—from sketch to value to color. Link in bio to see the full process.
12+ hours of meticulous painting, each brushstroke forming a miniature version of a photograph of the Chicago Theatre. 🎨: @lorraineloots 📹: @garethpon
Hi friends! It's @erik.joh. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one - what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see it? With 7 rice lamps, 7 light bulbs, an electric generator, a car and 2 models, I recreated the mood of a calm summer evening in Sweden, giving the rice lamp a moon texture in @photoshop. Scroll through to see how 'Full Moon Service' came together 🌕 Link in bio to full project.

That wraps up my takeover with Adobe - thanks for coming behind the scenes of my work! I hope it inspired you to enjoy the process as much as the result. Be sure to share your work with #Adobe_PeekAtProcess for a chance to be featured here.
@erik.joh here. I had this idea on my mind for a long time—to create a flooded world, with no buildings visible above the surface, just a few tree tops. The image consists of 3 parts: trees photographed in a lake, a girl photographed in a swimming pool, and tree tops photographed from a cherry picker. I let the mood of the tree photographs, shot at 4 AM, decide the overall feel of the image. For the full 'Wake Up' project, head to link in bio.
Hi, @erik.joh here again, taking you behind my creative process. Here's my latest photomontage 'Under the Corner'. I wanted to create the illusion of a city that was turned upside down, with the help of perspective. I photographed houses in and around Prague from different heights, and then brought all the pieces together in @photoshop. Swipe right to see the process and up-close details. For more, head to the link in profile.
@erik.joh here again. The idea for this piece was born when I was editing a behind-the-scenes video. I noticed the sound waves looked like a forest reflected in a lake. I photographed the trees and then landscapes in Iceland. I photographed the models carrying a heavy object to make it feel real. Last, I added the record and record player in @photoshop for the final result. Swipe right to see how 'Soundscapes' came to life 🔊 Link in bio for the full project.
Hi, @erik.joh here. For the next week, I'll be taking over #Adobe's account to give you a behind the scenes look at my work and kick off their September visual theme, #Adobe_PeekAtProcess. Follow along and share your creative process with the hashtag for a chance to be featured. 
For this piece, 'Landfall', I wanted to create a waterfall, but on land. To make the transition between the melting landscape and the real one, I built a smaller scale model and poured a liquid mixture of flour, water, food coloring and coconut flakes over it. Slide ➡️ for a closer look. Link in bio for full project.