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It was an honor meeting The legend @georgelopez Thanks for putting a smile on our face at such a hard time in our lives.
I'm wired up!!!'
Future Olympian🏅
What a blessing I could've easily broken my neck or seriously injured my neck. No surgery required, just some TLC & Rest! I know my fan base been wondering where's AD, the deal, Diesel, AP?! Just know I'm blessed and highly favored, this story could've ended differently. There's good in every situation... see it and hold on to it! It pays off in the long run, trust me, I  know by now! #still2blessed2bestressed! 🙌🏿💪🏿👌🏿🙏🏿
There's no place like home, Time to 🍽! #TX #HTOWN #1LOVE #GodBless🙏🏾
Can't tell me these pancakes aren't looking delicious this morning 😋
A great season that ended on an even greater note. Congrats to my son Adrian and the Buckeyes for taking home the @playfna championship trophy!
The moment you quit having faith and believing in yourself, that's when you'll begin to prove a lot of the Devilish individual's right. When your back is against the wall, feeling hopeless?!, when you feel like quitting?!, Are you being kicked even when your down?!, You just don't know what to do?! No matter what your circumstances or your situation. PRAY, keep pressing forward and  Always Believe in yourself and focus on controlling the things you can!!! #WhatdotheLordJesuSsayaboutYOU?! #ThatsAllThatmatters #FAITHWALKER #Allday
#BirdGang - teamed up with @Fanatics to give away this signed #ALLDAY board. FOLLOW @Fanatics & @FanaticsAuthentic to enter win! Can't wait for Sunday! #BeRedSeeRed #NewBeginning