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This guy. He is the best husband and daddy to be. I’ve been pretty sick the for the last 9 weeks but he has been so supportive and incredibly patient. We are 15 weeks already with our sweet little pumpkin and I am finallllly starting to feel better. Pregnancy is no joke but I’m so happy this man is right by my side. Also date nights at Disney are so a thing now.❤️😘
It has been a big year for us. We started by traveling all over out west, moved back to Florida from Denver, are now building a house, oh and having a BABY.💙💗
Happy Wednesday friends! I am so excited to announce I will be starting my new job next week at Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort. I will be working on the recreation team with Kids For All Seasons! I could not be more excited. 🌴
We made it to Orlando! 8 states and 1800 miles later... ☀️ #flordia #newhome #orlando #newchapter #fla
My sweet uncle went to be with Jesus last night. Alison and I called him “Uncle Daddy” because that is what he truly was to us. I am missing him so much already but know he is healthy and well again. Loss is tough but the hope of heaven sure does make it a little easier.
B I G  N E W S ✨ We are building a house! When I was little, I had a “dream house” board covered with Country Living magazine cut outs. This is my dream and I cannot wait to see it come true! Obviously if you’ve ever built a home, the process isn’t as glamorous as it appears... but we are so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness and timing in it all. Also, I absolutely love hosting so if you are coming to the Orlando area next Summer, call us up! ❤️
In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, God is faithful y’all. I’m suchhhh a planner and not being in total control is something I really struggle with. God is teaching me that he always has us... even when we don’t see what’s up next.
Happy fourth y’all! After last weeks road trip, I’m feeling extra blessed and thankful for this beautiful country. What’s your favorite National Park or place to visit? ❤️💙
We are heading home today! In eight days we have been in four different RV parks, four national parks and one state park. We have seen and done so much. I am incredibly thankful but also ready to go home! In just under 40 days we are moving back to Florida. The busiest season of our lives is just beginning and home is going to look pretty different for the next few months. Home really is wherever we are together.💕🏡
Y’all, I just ordered my @Simplified Planner! Run and order yours before they're gone! I ordered the Daily Thin Happy Stripe and I’m pretty much obsessed. Does anyone else get excited when it is time for a new planner? Click the link in my profile for $10 off!🌈💕#SimplifiedPlanner
The south is home for us but the west sure is pretty. We are currently soaking up every second of our time left out here. This is mostly a reminder to myself to be present where you are. It is often difficult to be present in the midst of change and trials or even in the day to to day things. My challenge to you is to be present wherever you are today so you don’t miss out on all God wants you to see!
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Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. - Gustave Flaubert