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General and Cosmetic Dentistry on Bermondsey Street. Contact us on 02079400880 or to help us improve your smile!

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Do you have an embarrassing dark tooth? 
This patient was embarrassed by his dark front tooth. After a trauma to the tooth and root canal treatment the patient was left with a brown discolouration. 
Treatment: inside and outside tooth whitenjng 
Result: Even, white teeth and a patient no longer embarrassed to smile! 
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Are you embarrassed by your smile? 
We can help! @invisalignukie is a clear aligned system that straightens teeth and still allows you to enjoy the lifestyle you lead. 
Head down to our Invisalign open evening on the 12th June 2018. 
Places are very limited, so call today on 0207 940 0880 to reserve your consultation! 
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This patient disliked her uneven, crowded smile. 
Treatment: @invisalignukie 
Result: A straight smile and a very happy patient! 
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Want whiter teeth? 
This patient hated his yellow looking teeth  and wanted a whiter, younger looking smile.

Treatment: Tooth whitening using @boutiquewhitening_  gels

Result: A whiter, fresher looking smile! 
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We ❤️ London!

Beautiful Tower Bridge taken by Patient Care Manager Dee Brown

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Are you embarrassed by your crooked smile? 
This patient was unhappy with her crooked teeth but didn’t want traditional fixed braces. 
Treatment: @invisalignukie , teeth whitening and composite bonding. 
Result: Whiter, straighter teeth and a very happy patient! 
#invisalign #teethwhitening #bonding #morelondon #londonbridge #haysgalleria
Do you have crooked teeth?  Then we have the solution!  @invisalignukie Open Evening, 12th June 
Contact us today to reserve your place 0207 940 0880  #advanceddentalpractice #invisalign #teeth #morelondon #londonbridge
Concerned with the build-up of scale and the colour of his teeth, this patient wanted a fresher, whiter smile. The wrong brushing technique caused excessive tooth brushing on his left side and wore away the tooth around the gum line making the teeth extremely sensitive. On his right side he had excessive plaque build up. He also suffered from tetracycline staining which causes grey bands to appear on the teeth. 
Treatment consisted of hygienist sessions to remove the build up of plaque and tartar, a prolonged home whitening regime and gum-coloured fillings to mask the sensitive areas, and give him a bright, white smile ☺
Introducing our new Specialist Orthodontist to the ADP Team, Dr Jad Seehra. He is currently a consultant at Kings College London and has published more academic articles than we can count ☺ He uses a range of orthodontic treatment modalities including invisalign and lingual braces, to treat complex clinical cases. Dr Seehra is wonderful at explaining things simply to our patients. #advanceddentalpractice #orthodontics #invisalign#smile
Don’t forget our Spring Special offer this month! 
1. The offer applies to new patients and existing patients who have not previously attended for a hygiene session at Advanced Dental Practice.
2. The offer is valid for one (1) appointment on a Monday or Tuesday between 1st April and 30th April 2018.
3. Appointments under this offer are limited in quantity and are offered on a first come, first served basis.
4. The appointment must be attended during the above period to be valid for the offer price. If the appointment is booked but subsequently rescheduled outside the offer period then the full price will apply.
5. If an appointment is booked but cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or not attended, any rescheduled appointment will not be valid for the offer, even if it falls within the offer period. #advanceddentalpractice #hygienist
We would like you to meet our newest members of the ADP team... Introducing Eliza & Willow! 
We would like to congratulate Practice Manager Gemma & our Facial Aesthetics Practitioner Dr Li on the arrival of their beautiful baby girls 💞 #newbaby #advanceddentalpractice
Have a great weekend! 🐣 #Easter #bankholiday #advanceddentalpractice