Gold metallic powder wheels
Just finished up another camo green dip... Never would have thought this color would be so popular.
A couple pics in the sun of these freshly coated two toned wheels we knocked out. Lengthy job, but they look great on the car. Always striving to please our customers.
What a project this thing was. It took about an hour to disassemble, but reassembly kicked my butt. Glad it's finished and hope the customer is happy with his new sea foam green tandem beach cruiser.
Camaro SS wheels powder coated in gloss black. Def a nice upgrade from the factory polished look.
Just an example of how we prep @aegisperformancecoatings when doing a Proline or plastidip coating job. After the vehicle is thoroughly washed, we clay bar to remove surface contaminates to insure the smoothest possible finish. Then we mask off all areas that aren't getting coated. This process usually takes an entire day. No matter what surface coating we doing... The prep is always the most important part of the process.  Camo green over black base coming next.
Two toned wheels we've been working on for a bit. Sometimes it's just a tedious process... But the results are always worth it.
What a difference some high gloss black wheels make on this BMW X5. Great job @nate_megginson
Hot pink metallic with gloss black accents... You'll see this ladies bike coming from a mile away
Anodized blue matte over silver... Very cool upgrade from the black wheels
Dustless blasting... The only way to go for restoration work. Removed paint, rust and any other hidden gems you may find under the paint. Contact us at 844-737-3500 for more info.
Anodized blue over crushed silver... WOW!!!!