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This project for reconstructing her jawline has required several visits over the last year and a half. We still have a ways to go, but we are markedly improved. This type of work can’t be done in one session. Correction of the preauricular, angle of jaw, and body of jaw is required. The cheeks had been injected previously. While improving jawlines of 20 year olds is quite easy, this type of work requires the reJAWvenator. Look for Dr. Weiner at several conferences around the world discussing reJAWvenation™️.
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🏆Dr. Weiner is honored to be inducted into the RealSelf 100 & 500 Hall of Fame! This is a prestigious group of board-certified doctors who are committed to educating patients and providing 5 🌟 results. Thank you for the reviews and ratings that helped him to receive this award. 🙏🏼
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We treat acne using lasers and great topical regimes and avoid Accutane and antibiotics in most cases. Acne scarring is treated with multiple modalities including: Infini/Genius, Bellafill, subcision, TCA Cross, PRP. Multiple treatments are required for best results. Our acne lasers are: Aerolase, Spectra Gold Toning, Excel V. We have been designated an Acne Scar Center of Excellence by Bellafill and Dr. Weiner trains other physicians on Bellafill and Infini/Genius treatments.
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One day after having FaceTite. No bruising and some mild swelling only. She slept through the night with only one dose of Tylenol. Results will take several weeks to appreciate and 6 months for full results. Expect jawline, submental, and jowling improvements. Chin strap for a total of 2 days in this case then at night for a week or 2. So far, so great! #inmodeaesthetics #inmode @inmodeaesthetics #facetite #necktightening #jawlinecontouring
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Introducing Face-Tite.. This is done under tumescent anesthesia (lidocaine injections) in about 1-1.5 hours. It is used to tighten the lower face and upper neck - approximately 30-35% of what a facelift would do. Downtime is 3-5 days of swelling. Cost is variable but starts at 5k. Only one procedure is needed. It uses radiofrequency (RF). This was our first patient. Results take a few months to appreciate. @facetite @inmodeaesthetics
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▪️Your most important decision is the “filler” not the filler.▪️💉
Too often, I am asked what filler is used to obtain my results. In reality, results are probably 90% or more dependent on the injector. In addition, a great injector has his/hers “go to” fillers which they have mastered and become very comfortable with. It is the training, artful eye, and skill of the provider that achieves results. Consider the gels as tools that your injector utilizes in a meticulous fashion to get that desired look. Choose your “filler” and let them choose what’s best for you. Searching for the latest deal on a particular filler is the exact wrong thing to do.
TIP FROM THE TOP 😎 To get rid of that unwanted methyl cellulose in Sculptra, try this technique. Since the foam floats, attach another syringe and empty in a vertical fashion so the last part is just foam and isn’t transferred. The foam leads to more syringe clogging and possibly nodules.
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The SPLENDOR X is the most revolutionary laser for hair removal in the industry. It is the fastest hair removal laser, being able to treat a full back in 6 minutes. It has a square spot size which allows for safety and efficacy. There are 2 built in cooling elements for comfort. Most importantly, it has 2 synchronized lasers allowing for all skin types to be treated and more efficient treatments.
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