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💥 Breaking News: Straight from Uppsala Sweden, The Headquarters of Galderma.
The Sculptra chief scientist now recommends mixing Sculptra on the day of treatment. Initially, instill 5cc of saline or water and then do vigorous shaking for 45 seconds and then add 3-4cc of lidocaine/saline or water mixture. Shake for another 15 seconds and it is ready to use. Remember when using Sculptra on the body, I like to use hyper dilution of 16-20cc. When using multiple vials, as in the Sculptra Butt injection, make sure that you are not using preserved water or saline. The benzoyl alcohol can become toxic when using 10 or more vials at one session.
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REAL RESULTS from a Botox Injection Party elsewhere. 😳
This patient asked if I could help correct this problem. Unfortunately the muscles affecting smiling on the right side have been injected. These include zygomaticus major and minor (pull up and laterally) and possibly the risorius (pull laterally) muscle. I suggested no treatment and let the Botox wear off. Further treatments to try correction might lead to more mastication problems and difficulty obtaining symmetry.
👉🏼Lesson, don’t go to Botox parties.
Dr. Weiner did a tour of Houston for trainings and a presentation of Restylane Refyne & Defyne. He trained at these offices: Exclusively Radiant MedSpa, @advanceddermatologymd, @sienna_dermatology, and some private sessions. Everyone wanted to learn about cannulas! 🤩🙌🏼
📍The doc is back, for now!
🔥 He is in high demand all across the world—lectured in Monte Carlo and was on Galderma’s Advisory Board in Sweden.
✅ Schedule your appts before he departs to lecture at the Nonsurgical Symposium in Australia.
🕖✈️ 850.622.1214
Let’s give a warm welcome to our new Front Desk Receptionist, Kathleen @30aaestheticclinique_kat. 👋🏼😊💜
Just a little bit about her- she loves gardening, is a coffee drinker, and a Corgi owner (yay)- what’s not to love?! We are a big fan and know you will be too. We can’t wait for you to meet her! 🍃☕️🐶
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What a fulfilling conference at the AMWC in Monte Carlo. Got to enjoy many in-depth lectures and contributed with 2 of my own. Lecture 1 was about using energy devices in Millennials - Whats popular in my office and #2 was on The Genius, LaseMD, and then combining the 2 for the Total Skin Solution. Extensive anatomy and filler complication lectures will advance my filler techniques to an even higher level. Lots on cannulas and lower face/jawlines. The reJAWvenator was early to recognize that jawlines were such a key component of beauty and aging. Met several new colleagues and bumped in to some old favorites as well. A few days of rest in the French Riviera, and then off to Sweden for a Galderma advisory board. #lutronic #rejawvenation #galderma #restylane #jawlinefiller
4,872 miles away and sending birthday wishes to the reJAWvenator, Dr. Weiner. We hope you are enjoying your time in Monte Carlo and all your lectures are going flawless. 🥳
Dr. Weiner gave 9 lectures and live demonstrations while in New Orleans at @ffas_19. These talks and demos consisted of IV therapy, High Risk Injections, reJAWvenation™️, Acne Scars, TCA Cross & Subcision, Tips on Becoming the Best Aesthetic Practice in US. Now off to Monte Carlo to lecture on the new Genius and The Total Skin Solution @lutronic , Millennial Prejuvenation and their Favorite Procedures. Then up to Sweden for Galderma’s Advisory Board. ✈️👋🏼
Upper arm skin laxity treatment involves 2 different methods to thicken the skin. The first process is placing diluted Sculptra using a large cannula into the subdermis. This should be nearly painless and bruise-less. Sculptra will stimulate collagen and thicken the skin. When completed, the Genius is performed in the area of concern with multiple passes. RF microneedling leads to collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid formation. At least 2 or 3 treatments are needed. 1-2 vials of Sculptra per treatment. The treatments should be spaced 6-12 weeks apart.
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This is a tear trough and medial cheek correction using Restylane Defyne and Restylane-L. This was a series of treatments over a couple months. This needs to be a gradual process to limit swelling, downtime, and to achieve optimal results. To achieve the final result, the deep medial fat pads were volumized first and then tear trough - below the orbicularis muscle. Final injection was with diluted Restylane L - 0.5cc of saline - above the muscle in small quantities with gentle massage. Tyndall effect is possible - blue light reflection - but if done correctly, this side effect is minimized. 25g cannula used for maximizing safety. A total of 3cc’s were used. .
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