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Individuals with #SpinaBifida can vary in multiple qualities such as mobility, sensation, psychological development, and much more. Some individuals may use a mobility device such as a wheelchair or forearm crutches while others might not use any mobility device at all.

Courtesy of Spina Bifida Association
Affordable Medical strives in providing you superior services for your catheter, incontinence, and diabetic supplies. 
We have over 25 years of combined experience in finding the right product for you! Affordable Medical knows it just not about products, it’s about support for your monthly medical supplies. Our experience staff will always do what’s best for you, not the insurance company. We believe in high quality, user friendly catheter, incontinence, and diabetic supplies. We partner with major manufactures to get you the latest and greatest products! 
Affordable Medical puts the CUSTOMER back in customer service, you will always speak to a friendly live person, you will receive custom, monthly reorder options, and fast delivery of your medical supplies. We have a bilingual staff to help meet your needs. #spinabifida #disability #awareness
3. Please don’t be sorry.

We’re not sorry. Really. I know you see his wheelchair or walker, and suddenly, you get a “bless-his-heart” look on your face with your hands over your heart. But please don’t feel sorry for us. My child leads an extraordinary life. His wheelchair and walker don’t define them. Define him by his smile, his heart and his soul. I don’t feel sorry for him. Sure, I have my moments. I may twinge a bit when he can’t keep up on the playground. But put him in the sandbox together and just watch what he can do. He doesn’t need your sorrow or pity — he needs your understanding and acceptance. And we need you to teach your children to do the same.

The rest of this great story from a Mom whose child has #spinabifida

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Children with #spinabifida are often blessed with families who provide the most unconditional love for their children. All of the medical moments along the way can be trying, but sometimes it helps remind us what’s most important in life and bring us closer to one another.

A great story from a Mom who shares photos to redefine Spina Bifida

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Happy (early) Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend, with your friends and family.

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A great article on the realities of being the parent of a child with #spinabifida.

Often, what people know about the condition is a stereotype. Some might wrongly assume life for people with spina bifida and their families is defined by limitations. This is not the case.

#Parenting a child with spina bifida might not be easy, because parenting is not easy, and parenting a #child with a #disability does present extra challenges. But even though there are hard days and hard moments and hard hours, those do not define life. What really matters — what is most important — is love.

There are beautiful and perfect moments. There is the good, there is the joy, there is the pride parents feel for their kids. There is the excitement of even their smallest accomplishments. And always, always the unending love.
Interesting fact about #spinabifida from the  Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida

Photo courtesy of Cerebral Palsy Foundation
Thank you to all that have served including our very own Carla Berkshire & Julio Villarino! #affordablemedicalllc
An interesting fact about #cerebralpalsy

Courtesy of Cerebral Palsy Foundation
Did you know this interesting fact about #spinabifida?

Photo courtesy of Spina Bifida Association