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Dal Tadka is one of the most common and also among the most popular dishes ordered in dhabas and restaurants across India, but primarily in the Northern part. 
Now the the tadka dal prepared the Odia way is vastly different from the Dal Tadka made elsewhere, in that while others primarily use channa dal (split chickpeas) to prepare Dal Tadka, the Odia dhabas and restaurants use a medley of pulses namely Channa dal, Kabuli channa, Rajma, Lobia, Masoor dal and sometimes urad dal too. No wonder, both the taste and the flavour of the Odia style Tadka Dal is different from the one prepared elsewhere.

The procedure is quite simple - first all the lentils are boiled in a pressure cooker with turmeric powder and salt. Now for the seasoning, heat about 1 tablespoon of mustard oil in a wok, fry slit green chillies, sliced onions and finely chopped tomatoes. When the tomatoes get cooked, add about a tablespoon of ginger-garlic paste (while preparing the paste, also add cumin seeds, coriander seeds and 2-3 red chillies too to the chopped garlic and ginger) and cook till oil starts to leave the sides. Now add the mixture of the boiled lentils.

In the dhabas, they also add anda bhujia (scrambled eggs) at this step, that surely gives a terrific finish both in terms of taste and flavour to the tadka dal. 
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Playing session going on 😁
Snowy and Gungun busy in their mock fight session and so also are Tiger and Blacky (their dangal is going on in the adjacent arena -- on their bedding 😁😁
These kids have kept me alive so far,
just when I gave up on God, the world, and mankind.... the innocence that I see in these kids draws me towards life again
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My kids love their evening walks.. in fact apprehensive that I might not take them out for walks if they make me furious with their mischiefs, so just about an hour prior to their walks, they literally become the world's most innocent bache 😁😁😁