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Stopped the car in the middle of the road to take a few photos. Actually, six times that morning.
Būk voras. Nebūk voras. Būk kuo nori.
Drink cola and be stora.
#WarholInspired #CocaCola
Kurutta ippêji (A Page of Madness, more accurately A Page Out of Order). An expressionist Japanese picture from the silent era (check the link to watch the video I made using the bits of the movie). Made by Teinosuke Kinugasa and released in 1926 wasn`t widely shown after the publication. So, a man gets a job at an asylum with intentions of freeing his imprisoned wife. Typical Japanese narrative with a family theme and phenomenal conflict (obligation and human feelings) yet the story is very unpredictable. Besides exploring hope, fear and isolation, the picture deals with extreme states of madness. The man wakes up from one dream and goes to another: one moment he`s humbly working for a mad doctor, later he kills him. One moment he`s working in the asylum to save his wife, later he`s married to his daughter and so on. All this creates discontinues styles but in the end, everything is strongly left to interpretation. I absolutely felt in love with Häxan but I think I felt with this one even more. There`s something special about the characters, they somehow feel familiar, so we don`t only watch the movie but also explore our own deepest and darkest sides as human beings.
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Don't know where i'm going but I'm on my way.
L'Inferno (Dante`s Inferno) is the first Italian silent feature made in 1911(check the bio too see what I did for the new music video using L`Inferno). It`s a collaboration between Francesco Bertolini, Adolfo Padovan and Giuseppe de Liguoro. Ever wondered how hell may look? Follow Virgil`s haunting and surreal tour of Christian hell together and get ready for the future (joking. Hilarious, I know). The movie may be a bit challenging in a boring way, but definitely memorable. Also recommend finding your own soundtrack or just a suitable song to put on repeat because the updated score is pretty shitty. Yet the visual effects such as bodies writhing in agony in the sky, a man holding his own head or Lucifer`s mouth chewing on Judas are pleasurable and very impressive. It was the beginning of XX and I`d die to know how directors did those parts. Overall, not the best picture ever but absolutely worth watching.
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The same world, different worlds.
don't think about making art, just get it done. let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. while they are deciding, make even more art #AndyWarhol
Häxan (The Witch) is a Swedish silent feature film made by Benjamin Christensen (he also wrote the screenplay and played the main devil) in 1922. Parts of this picture I used for the music video I recently created (link in bio in case interested). Basically, it is a fictionalized documentary about the evolution of witchcraft to its confusion with mental disorders in XX century. The action takes place in the dark Middle Ages when "nearly every woman was a witch" and everything unexplainable was explained as witchcraft. At the beginning, we get a short introduction how people imagined life in the medieval days: the solar system and the universe. Later the story follows an old woman who is accused of being a witch. In the order of monks, she is tortured to confess, what she does, and then tells a lot about the evil world with devils in charge. In the end, the Modern Age woman is suffering different nervous disorders (sleepwalking, perhaps schizophrenia, kleptomania and a few others) that are compared to devil`s possession and witchcraft that were illustrated earlier in the movie. Fascinating, right?
I found Häxan not so much as a horror but a very disturbing movie and felt unease all the time. Maybe because the picture is pretty radical and straightforward. Anyway, I definitely felt in love with the movie .
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Closed the eyes and felt freedom.
Nuo ežero kilo rūkas, laumės šokdino ratu, muzika garsėjo su kiekvienu žemų dūžiu, o širdis vylėsi, kad tai niekada nesibaigs.

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Rokas vienija. Techno vienija. Muzika vienija.

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