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Aikido of Nebraska trains Kids and Adults to reach their highest levels in Mind, Body, and Spirit through thetraditional martial art of Aikido.

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After earning his Orange belt in Aikido...Ryker celebrates with a cookie!  Congrats Ryker - You're Awesome!
Congratulations to Eric on getting his purple belt.  A great demonstration of perseverance!
Tonight Bohdan successfully tested for his Blue Belt with a few years of practice with Khoi and Marlena.  Congrats go out to him and his classmates!
Gideon did a great job on his Purple Belt Test today! Congratulations on achieving your next level, you are a very dedicated student and it shows.
Look who just earned their Orange Stripe...Great job Erazim!!!
Mesa earned her Purple Stripe today!
Carter tested for his Green Belt today!
Jessie tested for her Purple Belt today.
Here's Titus with his Orange Belt and Roman with his Purple Stripe.
Dec. has beem a busy month...Many students worked hard on their next level of achievement.  Here's  Xander (with his classmates) holding his 5th Kyu/Yellow Belt Certificate.
Women unite! At Aikido of Nebraska, we want to empower women to be strong, independent, and confident.
Here is the next video in our series for everyday regular folks to understand Aikido better - A typical day in Aikido class. #aikido #martialartsisforeveryone