My life as a tumbleweed @ArlingtonAwase ... scattering seeds in @WeRecycleTreesEdibleLandscapes #garden

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Lettuce bed is filling in nicely. Yes, endless weeds. No, I don't do rows ... I'm a scatter scatter kind of gardener. Mr. Mulch is the measure everything in perfect rows guy. #garden
American persimmon. #garden
Asian persimmons. #garden
Stoopid critters eating my persimmons. #garden
Carrots from the #garden are far more flavorful than anything you get at the store.
The colors of a #garden ripe pepper are much more vibrant than anything you find in the store.
Never got around to planting this pepper in the #garden. It still managed to produce a pepper though 😜
Cotton brought in from #garden in bloom. Why bother planting cotton? Because cotton balls!
Lemongrass after major haircut. Winter #garden
Brought in the lemongrass from the #garden. Lots of lemongrass tea this winter!
Four of six 🍉 from the #garden. Still a few left on the vines. We'll see if they make it.
Let's call it ratatouille over rice. All veggies from the #garden.