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She’s beauty and she’s grace 💉
I am ready for a fucking matriarchy.
Hi, I’ll be your river guide today. Ps. You’ll probably die. ✌🏽🍃📷: @dianawking
Happy #NationalSiblingDay to the better Carrero ❤️
Where I am in my mind 🛥☀️🇮🇹
I am a light-skinned Latina who grew up in a city where Latin people are in the majority. My parents are college educated, as am I. I went to private school. I am straight, cis-gendered. I am bi-lingual. I am non-disabled (someone updated me that this is correct terminology). I make a living in the arts. I was born an US citizen. What’s your privilege?
Vote guns out of our classrooms, out of our movie theaters, out of our malls, out of our colleges, out of our our faces. Vote guns out of our politicians’ pockets. ✊🏽#MarchForOurLives #votegunsout
I don’t know if you remember how INSANELY cute Moose was as a puppy (um, he still is). But like 👆🏽🐶✨❤️🙈 #nationalpuppyday
Our final 10 episodes begin on June 20th! ✨🍴🍳🥂
Morning, ☀️
Sunshine on a cloudy (fucking freezing) day ☀️
Keep your girls close #internationalwomensday 💥