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One week ago today ☀️☀️☀️
Someone once told me that #YoungandHungry was like “coffee and donuts” to the people who loved it; comforting, sweet, and a guaranteed good time. I wanted to say, “have you ever tried to make a donut?” It’s really hard. There is care and craftsmanship and technique. There is sweat and teamwork and finesse. It requires timing like music with no sound—just a jolt in your gut that you pray is right one time out of ten. Sometimes, you work tirelessly to find that you’ve over-kneaded the dough, or, that you’ve killed the yeast early on and it never stood a chance. Many times, you have to start over. Even when you succeed in making a donut—it’s gone before you know it. A good donut is designed for quick consumption, after all. On the best days, you go home covered in sugar dust and flour, picking frosting out of your hair. On the hardest days, you go home wishing you were making steak instead. When all is said and done, you look up from your work and witness happiness wash across the face of someone eating the donut you made. Their eyes drift closed in satisfaction, their mouths twist in delight, they make giggling sounds. It may only last a moment, but it stays with you forever.
Actual footage of what my heart looks like after this weekend: an explosion of beauty and substance and shared feeling and sparkly conversation and pink/red and disco music and tears of joy and salty water because Too Much Tequila and existential anxiety and the weight of human freedom and the force of life that propels us forward with a rush of promise and an unknown tomorrow and love MUST feel like an armful of roses plucked for the sole purpose of making you Stop. Marvel. Repeat. #thirtyhi🌹
Thirty, hi ✨🌈🕺🏾🍭💕🎈(more pics 2 come)
Birthday Weekend Basic ✨✨✨
Birthday week thoughts: My favorite question to ask in the days leading up to my birthday is, “what happened this year that you could have NEVER predicted would happen the year before?” I couldn’t have ever predicted moving to New York, or doing a Shanley play, or being in London for the Royal wedding. And while I could have predicted that Y&H would end because nothing lasts forever, I could have never prepared myself for the discomfort of refocusing my path. Of taking big leaps into the unknown. I could never have predicted the amount of opportunities that awaited me afterward. And I REALLY could not have predicted ever turning them down, in order to grow.  To make room, to wait for I *really* want, to sustain my vision, to hold firmly to my word, and, mostly, to believe I am worth betting on. So, while I have your attention, you should know that you, too, are worth betting on. Every passing year I feel this more and more assuredly. We are worthy. Please catch one of our final episodes of #YoungandHungry TONIGHT on @freeform. ❤️✨
Happy #FourthofJuly! Let’s try it again next year! 🇺🇸 (Yes, I made this cake. Yes, it is the @christinatosi recipe 🤤).
Do you understand what just happened to our country? Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. Trump will now squeeze in another “conservative” judge to rubber stamp his policies. Muslim ban, discrimination of gay people, abortion rights, you name it. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party stole the last Supreme Court seat from President Obama. These appointments are LIFETIME appointments. They will outlive the Trump administration. We are fucked for a generation. Get out and vote in November. Your rights depend on it. If you don’t think this affects you, think again. Also, a new episode of #YoungandHungry is on tonight.
Take me back to the old neighborhood
Wishing we were back in Paris ☀️
My baby sis @jennaortega LETTING THEM KNOW. We care about these immigrants because it could just as easily have been us. The only difference between me and the families being ripped apart at the border is luck. Chance to have been born a citizen of the United States. It could’ve been you, it could have been me. We have been given a gift; how about we start paying that forward?
The best partner on and off screen. ❤️ Thanks so much for tuning in tonight #YoungandHungry.