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@mistertimrock + @jessicaseaton, a winning combination. 沐ョ泱、汳坂惠
Throwback to that day I peed in a Starbucks cup in a stranger窶冱 backyard! 笞。ク
It窶冱 been a hard day in America. I hope this picture of my dog on his 3rd birthday will bring a little happiness. Yes, he was born on Valentine窶冱 Day 汳呆汾カ沁
My Forever Valentine 笶、ク
Evergreen President 洟懺沛ス洟幤沛ソ
My best Bowie 笞。ク
A lot of women, myself included, struggle with claiming their worthiness. Societal conditioning teaches us that to be feminine is to be without want, selfless, and of constant service. Even our bodies have been claimed: to be gazed at, penetrated, to secure the survival of the species. We are never enough until we are 窶徼oo much.窶 No wonder the concept of our own worthiness eludes us. This, which is ours, we have to take. And it窶冱 a daily retrieval.
My head was touched by hair angels  @colorbykari and @sophiasklansky 笨ィ
This is exactly the kind of garbage that women deal with on an every day basis. This person is a total stranger yet somehow feels entitled to me, my time, and my body. Teach your boys better. And for the record, @lladnar31, absolutely fucking not. #TimesUp Ps. His Facebook name is: *******I do not ever read DMs but I had a poster giveaway last week and needed to double check the addresses of the winners. I do appreciate all of the nice messages many of you send but I do not make a habit of going through DMs for obvious reasons. I see you tho and I love ya.*********
Sometimes things don窶冲 work out. Sometimes we don窶冲 know why. 
But if rosary bracelet tattoos from the early 2000窶冱 are any indication, we can rest assured that the universe will reveal its wisdom in time. 笨ィAlso, get 25% @bomb.posh with code AimeeC25 汨
Brows n teeth 笨ィ汨Å汳酒汨衍ィ
This time last year 汳・汳ェ沛セ汨ッ窶坂凰ク条沍