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+ i’m at that point of semester where i’m smiling but inside i’m struggling
+ a cutie
+ (incomplete) sendu squad ✨
happy 20th birthday to myself 💙 wishing myself to be more wiser, happier, lovable & stronger than before ✨ #imactuallyhappybutitwassoearlyinthemorningtosmile #Aturns20
[appreciation post for my ex roomies 💓 + thank you @hambaliasri for this picture ✨] + thank you for believing in me and always sabar dgn my rants, kerenah, stupid questions, blurriness and my wake up call every morning hahaha. 
if i could turn back time, i would definitely relive all those crazy moments with you guys because those moments i could not forget ever or even exchange for money. the times with the two of you definitely brighten up my days & MAKE ME GAIN WEIGHT COS KORG ASYIK AJAK MAKAN MCD OR KFC. 
to ijat, take care dkt ganu, jgn sendu2 or imma punch you in the face. may you succeed in life and dapat one of your crush(s) heart(s). to yayas, tolong stop curi fans kendall pls hahaha. take care dkt tempat kerja JGN FLOP and also i wish you the best of luck for your future, nnti unch.

sape sendu aku tumbuk. [ps: nnti i nak spam gmbr] 
SWIPE TILL THE END FOR A SURPRISE!!! #idahkuruskanskrgahaks
+ we’ve grown inside & outside (swipe right for some fetus faces ✨)
+ this one is for both of you 💙 (missing another 6 people, takpe degree lagi 3 tahun) #roadtodegree
+ swipe right for some 💜
+ despite having sinetron/dramas every week, im truly grateful to have meet you guys & to spend my diploma days with all of you. proud to brag about you guys to the world & call you guys my friends ✨ ((crop & paste muka yayas & mehi)) i love you all ((sikit ja)) thank youuuu & happy birthday to me 🌙 #Aturns19 😈 #tuadahy
•• "paper town for a paper girl" #Aturns18 😈