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A holistic skin therapy practice that utilizes plant-based nutrition and plant-based skincare to help you glow from the inside, out. ✨🌿

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Two of my favorite clients- the love spreadin’ @tinesha_matthews and the business savvy @afroburbs, creator of @oa.everyday. These ladies went out on a Saturday night and were effortlessly showcasing their radiant skin! ✨💫☀️Healthy skin is honestly the BEST accessory a woman can own! Not a stitch of foundation between the two of them! 😍 Keep glowing and flourishing, ladies! ❤️✨
And I’m not just talking about food here! Of course our health and appearance are a result of the foods we choose to nourish ourselves with on a physical level, but negative emotions have an equally damaging effect on how we feel and look too. What tv shows, songs, media outlets or social circles have your attention and cause feelings of fear, anxiety, unworthiness? Clear space of those things, change what you are consuming/ energetically taking in on a emotional and physical level and watch your life experiences change for the better too. ❤️✨
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I love a good after treatment selfie from my clients! 😍 During our consultation I remember Tiya sharing that she never considered her previously acne-prone skin to be “flawless.” After her first treatment I would say her skin is way better than flawless, it is RADIANTLY HEALTHY! Thank you so much for trusting me with the care of your skin, Tiya! 🤗❤️ Sidnote: do you all see that healthy glow? 👀 🙌🏾✨
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Me after my first signature facial experience with @airestdionskintherapy OMG! You see that glow? She did that. I've been using the skin care line for a month and getting compliments on my skin a lot lately. Then I experienced 60 minutes of bliss today. This was no ordinary facial, y'all. There was some massage, some meditation, some aromatherapy and some amazing skin care action going on. I didn't want to leave 🙌🏾 Thank you @airestdionskintherapy so much for a wonderful experience. My next appointment is already on the books. .
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Because skin health should always be the focus. ☝🏾👌🏾✨ #healthyskinisbeautifulskin #normalizenaturalbeauty #youareenough
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We had a lovely time at my Fountain of Youth workshop today! New relationships were made, old relationships were strengthened and many pearls of wisdom were shared. Sending a huge THANK YOU to everyone in attendance. Your presence was appreciated. ❤️✨
Beauty is an inside job. ❤️✨
Specializing in all skin types, I help woman experiencing dryness, sensitivity and/or acne achieve balanced, healthy skin. Plant-based nutrition and plant-based skin care are my tools and healing the skin with the power of nature is my specialty. Are you ready to feel more confident in your own skin? Click the link in bio to learn more! ❤️✨
Home is where the heart is. 🏡❤️ #wellness #holisticwellness #selfcare #airestdion #skintherapy #holisticskintherapy #naturalskincare #radiantskin #vibranthealth
My first LIVE workshop, Fountain of Youth: Daily Rituals for Radiant Skin, will be held on Saturday, 2/10! I am so excited! 🙌🏾💃🏾 Ancient cultures throughout history have used the power of rich oils, luxurious butters, and flower essences to preserve their youthfulness. In this exciting workshop you too will discover how to use natural plant remedies to preserve your skin’s natural radiance and glow. 
You will learn:
-Why aging is a myth.
-Four daily practices to maintain healthy, radiant skin. .
-How to use my Daily reBalancing System to achieve a spa glow at home. 
Be sure to bring all of your questions for the live Q&A. Also feel free to bring your #AirestDionNaturalSkinCare products to the event as I will be offering complimentary 1-on-1 sessions educating on proper product application. Link in bio to reserve your spot! I hope to see you there! ❤️✨
Exhaustion? Dizziness? Fatigue? Dull skin? Trouble sleeping? It is estimated that 80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. This is easy to believe when you consider the average American is predominantly eating salty snacks, cooked foods (cooking removes the water) and prefers soda and coffee over water and fresh juices. Hydrating is something you can start doing right now to improve not only the appearance of your skin (hello, smooth texture) but also improve your overall wellness. Start by beginning your day with a fruit-based breakfast. Fruit is full of the living water your body craves! 
I like having 32 oz. of alkaline water with a squeeze of lime juice first thing in the morning, followed by 32 oz. of fresh squeezed orange juice. For breakfast I enjoy a 32 oz. fruit smoothie and a big fruit bowl of any fruit combination of my choosing! Your cells will thank you for it! 💦💙
I recently had the opportunity to sit down with @blackdoctororg to discuss all things health and beauty. I shared my reasons for promoting a #rawfoods lifestyle, why I believe self-care is the best medicine and so, so much more! Direct link in my bio to read! ❤️✨
A balanced pH level is the key to overall health. Our internal pH should be neutral (7.0) to slightly alkaline (9.0). Consuming acid-forming foods like meat, dairy and processed food causes a drop in our bodies pH levels. When our pH becomes too acidic (the opposite of alkaline) it causes emotional/mental imbalances, weight gain, joint pain, dis-ease of all kinds as well as skin conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis etc. Take control of your health. Balance your chemistry and alkalize with fresh fruits and veggies. It’s the only way to feel and look your best. 🍇🍐🥝🍉🍋🍎🍓🍌🌿