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| Holistic facials
| Natural skin + body products
| Reversing dryness, sensitivity + acne w/ plant-based nutrition + natural botanicals

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Ending this Signature #AirestDionFacial with a purify Detox Indian Clay mask. 💆🏾‍♀️ Make sure you’re pouring from a full cup. ✨
The gang is all here! 🙌🏾 We’re excited about our three Cleansing Hydrosols in the new travel sizes. Floral waters, also called Hydrosols, are known for their natural ability to deep clean pores. In addition to their cleansing power, they deliver nutritive compounds that support overall skin health. 
Our Hydrosols are copper distilled at low temperatures over longer periods of time to gently draw out all vitamins and antioxidants from the plant material. This ensures all the botanical magic remains intact and is delivered right to your skin! ✨
We offer effective facial treatments that combine a therapeutic spa experience with clinical results.
After following our recommended diet/lifestyle changes, 3 professional facial treatments and 3 months of using our natural skincare, this client experienced amazing results. .

Cleared acne, reduced discoloration and a radiant, healthy glow! ✨ Can you see the difference? #healingwithnature