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bloom: to mature into achievement of one's potential • certified bibliophile • fashion writer for Trend Privé Magazine • subscribe to my blog ⬇️

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I’ve been writing tidbits of poems, adding a little more, erasing it, and then adding more only to erase it again. Today I looked at these 3 poems I’ve been hoarding (other 2 coming soon) and idk i just decided that they were finished, that adding more would have been repetitive or disruptive to the message I originally wanted to convey. That simple can be strong too with it’s condensed army of words. ••• For this poem, the first part before the dash literally popped into my head as the sun was rising (I know so creative right lol). My mind tinkered with the line, verbalized my surroundings (aka my whole heart and soul 💞👫) and tadaaa I wrote down the rest of the poem. Writing is something quite magical ✨
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HAPPY 3 years away from your 30th BIRTHDAY to my built-in sister, bffl, pillow, life coach, health/hair guru, conscious teacher, and my all around favorite person (shh don't tell anybody tho & also it has nothing to do with the fact that you birthed my two lil buddies 🤷🏾‍♀️🤐). And even though you think I slammed your fingers in the door on purpose like 18ish years ago, you still give me the best advice ever. Yet, more importantly, you understand that your clothes are my clothes and not the other way around lol 👯 #urthebestest #idbealostpupwithoutyou #happybirthday
quickly do what now lol?! I try to schedule my wash days in accordance with my plans. For example, Monday was wash day, Tuesday I did a protective twist style and today is #BlackPanther day! 2 more hours till the premiere! I'm sooooooo excited 🤘🏾#WakandaForever

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and I'd like to dedicate this song to all of my valentines out there, you know who you are lmaooo #tb #happyloveday ❤️
Song: Lemon Eyes x Meg Meyers 🍋
From growing up in a blended school district to graduating from a white one, and attending a typical in-state mediocre "diverse" agenda-driven university, somewhere along the way I became more dedicated to living in between the pages of non fiction business, self-help, writing, psychology, and history books then obtaining a degree. While I was reading this book last month, Young, Gifted and Black, I found myself comparing the three essays to my own education and my lack there of. ••• Learning about the history of blacks obtaining an education to survive and the negative stigma surrounding black students, this book is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the importance of promoting high achievement within our communities and the educators in charge of uplifting, and implementing these ideals into the minds of their students. 10/10 recommend, especially for young black students. 🌟

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I wrote an article about the U.K. fair-trade brand @made_jewellery for @trendprivemagazine ❤️ (1st pic shown: MADE's handmade Large Spike necklace) •••
"Every beautifully crafted creation not only tells the story of the hands who made them with love but that that love can be embraced by the people wearing them anywhere in the world..." click the link in my bio to read more or visit ❤️#trendprivemagazine #tpm #madejewellery #madeuk #uk #fairtradebrand #sustainable #humanitarianmagazine
currently reading book 1 of 2018 📖 Young, Gifted & Black. I got this book for my 12 year old brothers bday and being the sarcastic saint he is, he's letting me read it first. Little does he know that during his spring break he's going to start reading this book and orally summarize each of the three essays to me 💁🏾#bestsisever #younggiftedandblack #2018readinglist #booklist #blogger #bookblog
never forget who runs the world 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿... (pic repost from @vettacapsule) ••• NEW BLOG POST: Year 1 of My Blooming Series: Rerooting 🌺 "I started 2018 with bad stems of negativity and self-doubt that was weighing down the blooming ideology that I created to flourish into the indie publishing field. January is the beginning of the end for bad habits, and the beginning of rerooting myself into the confident, altruistic, and resilient queen I aspire to be." click the #linkinbio to read more or visit 🌺
JOY(ce) 😇 & GLORY(ia) 😇 #islandqueens 👸🏾👸🏾
got a barnes n noble gift card 💸📚 excited to spend it on the classic books I'm reading this year! Check out my 2018 book list on my blog #linkinbio alsoooooo s/o to the DND option on iPhones #goat
i love my curls (sometimes we beef tho #KnuckIfYouBuck) but man oh MAN having straight hair is the lazy easy peasy move (which is why I like it to last 3 weeks lmao) 🙌🏾🤗😅 #ITriedToContourForTheGods #JackieAniaTaughtMe
#repost from @baosbooks ... new year, new books 🙃I have this problem where I save book posts to my ig 'books' collections folder and forget about them because my handwritten book list is already pushing it 🤷🏾‍♀️