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blooming into my potential | bookworm | writer | sustainable fashion writer for Trend Privé Magazine | subscribe to my blog ⬇️

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honestly, it wasn’t till I was published in a magazine last spring that I recognized my potential to be a writer and not just a publisher ✍🏾 when it comes to writing I critique myself really hard plus it’s the one thing I’m super S U P E R confident in and that was/is always a sign for me to continue doing what I’m passionate about #writer #blogger #linkinbio
I’ve been journaling again. I’ve been writing again. And I’m feeling pretty good.... much better actually 🌺📝 #blogger #writer #dowhatyoulove
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY 👴🏽🎸 thank you for everything & may we continue to say “okey dokey artichoke” and “bye bye” at least 1000 times before we hang up the phone lol 😂😂
balance: the act of harmoniously planting seeds in the different plots of my life (i.e. work, writing, health, school, and relationships) and watching them flourish together in my garden 🌺🌻🌸 though the current reality of my definition of balance is proving to be more challenging than I expected - figuring out how to tend to all five plots of my land simultaneously in order to bloom - I know I will master this juggling act *speaks it into existence* 😅😤😌
grey luh 💭
‘tis the year of rerooting and learning the hard way that patience and consistency is key ✨🤦🏾‍♀️
a psa to some of my friends that they’re amazing 🌟💛 #friendappreciationpost
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also @findingpaola has all the inspo 👸🏾🍃📚👀
(okaaay I know I’m late but shhh lol 🤷🏾‍♀️) thanks taywoorl for introducing me to HAIM 5 years ago 🖖🏾 and thanks shells for being down to come 🤙🏾 I think we may have highkey initiated a concert travel gang 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
I wrote a blog about why I choose publishing. Some days I forget that I’m blooming and that I’m rerooting, but what I can’t forget is that I want to encourage people to follow their passions, and working alongside people who believe books can make a difference is a great place to start! Check it out #linkinbio 🌺 alsoooo this is my favorite picture that I took last weekend 🤗 #intheebloomblog #intheebloom #bloomblog #bloom #indiepublishing #independentpublishing
Dear HAIM, thank you for blessing my life with your talent ✨ swipe to see the amazingness  #sistersistersistertour #haimtour #haim #chicago
first time in Chicago was lit 🖖🏾🤙🏾