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happy 21st (freaking finally) birthday to my laureeenn 🎈thanks for being the amazing chica that you are and for keeping me as your other half these past three years lol may our crazy shenanigans continue into old age 👯😜#foreveryoung #seeyasoon
3 books that have sprouted change 🌻 new blog post ... link in bio ... ✔️ it out 💛
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milk and honey by @rupikaur_ 🌻 every time i reread this, a new mantra (poem) works its way into my soul as a reminder that we are created to love, to feel, and to grow ... today's mantra: "the universe took its time on you
crafted you precisely
so you could offer the world
something distinct from everyone else
so when you doubt
how you were created
you doubt an energy greater than us both" 🌎✨
#rupikaur #milkandhoney #poetess #nationalbookloversday
we enjoyed the fresh air, the view and the sounds of nature soooo much on Sunday that we both took a post-lunch nap in our chairs lol #definitelyrelated #napsarelife #chillingwithgrandpa
is having a mini library (maybe down the hallway) as well as a gigantic Victorian library (with a giant window n comfy pillows, rolling ladder and a wine cooler 😉) that much to ask for as a bookworm/ "interior designer"? #repost @myinterior
#bookwormgoals #bookblogger #anytimeiswinetime
she picked out her outfit lol she has so much personality 👧🏾👑💞
#shesthesweetest #maybeweirdesttoo #growinguptoofast
sooo i'm allergic to dogs and it's gotten worse over the years *cue my salty tears* yet I love those precious furballs sooooo much that I ignore the need to scratch and rub my eyes for momentarily happiness 🐶🤷🏾‍♀️ #alwaysworthit #maybenotthesafestoption 
#repost @ladbible
don't let the sun set on your dreams ☀️ #cheesepirational
turns out that I'm that weirdo that takes pictures of flowers at Universal lol I couldn't help myself 🤷🏾‍♀️🌸 #flowerpower
listened to the #EliteManPodcast today where #MastinKipp defines purpose as "an emotion that you generate within yourselves and then share with others in the form of service." •
Whenever I read my list of blog post ideas, I am reminded of my purpose that I curated: to change the world by inspiring others through books and hopefully through my own blooming journey. •
Find your purpose in your passions and take daily steps to make it a reality. Due to a very special person showing me the right podcasts and books, that's how I've been able to grow in confidence and to find my purpose. And all I want is to share these gifts with people in hopes that they too find their purpose. 🌺 •
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reminiscing on my arduous decision to give up strawberry frosted poptarts lol my body has gotten a taste of the semi-healthy lifestyle and it refuses to turn back ... lol listen to your body because mine has had enough 😩🤒😷🤢 #ijustwannabegreat #poptartsaregreat #neverforget #lazyeyeornah
#curls ➰