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bloom: to mature into achievement of one's potential • fashion writer for @trendprivemagazine #tpm • certified bibliophile • subscribe to my #blog

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(okaaay I know I’m late but shhh lol 🤷🏾‍♀️) thanks taywoorl for introducing me to HAIM 5 years ago 🖖🏾 and thanks shells for being down to come 🤙🏾 I think we may have highkey initiated a concert travel gang 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
I wrote a blog about why I choose publishing. Some days I forget that I’m blooming and that I’m rerooting, but what I can’t forget is that I want to encourage people to follow their passions, and working alongside people who believe books can make a difference is a great place to start! Check it out #linkinbio 🌺 alsoooo this is my favorite picture that I took last weekend 🤗 #intheebloomblog #intheebloom #bloomblog #bloom #indiepublishing #independentpublishing
Dear HAIM, thank you for blessing my life with your talent ✨ swipe to see the amazingness  #sistersistersistertour #haimtour #haim #chicago
first time in Chicago was lit 🖖🏾🤙🏾
and thus, my weird obsession with coffee table books continues 🤗 #thxgma
moving into my first apartment by myself soon (ayeeee) and my brain is like fireworks - just popping off with decorating ideas lol it’s really just different ways to arrange plants and books tho lol 🙃 and yes I’ll have a blog post about these new beginnings because your girl is nervous as heck 🌝
2 things:
• I wrote an article for @trendprivemagazine  #TPM about the emerging era of sustainable fashion 👚 (swipe) #linkinbio • I wrote another article on my blog about my low-waste journey 🌍 (swipe swipe)

#trendprivemagazine #sustainablefashion #sustainability #sustainable #lowwaste #lowwasteliving #lowwastelifestyle #packagefree #wildminimalist
my future backyard necessities: potted plants, garden, strung lights, hammock, and benches with lots and lots of cushions and pillows ✨
my first plant everrrrrr (thx daniellabat)🌵welcome to my family Bubbles, don’t worry I’ll get you some siblings soon 🌝😉
everytime I receive an email that reads something along the lines of “florals are now in” this line plays in my head lol ... e v e r y t i m e ... #iconic #thedevilwearsprada #merylstreep
3/3 - sometimes I think writing about the wilted past can be self destructive to your growth. or it can be a reminder of how far you’ve come. idk I guess it just depends on the day 🥀 side note this gloomy weather doesn’t help 🙃 #lettherebelight #poem
at times I want to give in and buy stuff from f21, h&m (its been since last summer) but then I go thrifting and get some high quality bangers for the low low like this turtleneck and jean jacket and thus my sustainable, low-waste journey continues *pats self on back* 🌱✨♻️ (I admit that I still buy superhero, nerd, plus music tees from hot topic/Target tho 🤐) #hannahmontanasaidnobodysperfect