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#blogday @ajaleeajart yipeeee!
Those of you looking for my next gig & love amazing people, dinners outside looking over the sea & yoga, theres some seats left for october 26th at www.goldieyoga.com #ajaleemusic @goldieyoga @ajaleemusic #eveningyoga #yogaretreat #livemusic #liveukulele
The art of Chinese Tea Ceremony with beautiful friends, ive been buying tea privately from these guys for years and so happy I can share it now that its available to the public - if your into top shelf teas and vegan chili sauces check out the last pic;) #teaceremony #puerh #veganhotsauce #stonemonkeyusa
Its blooooog day:)! Ajalee.com  Espresso & Vespas #blogday
Goats, friends,&flowers what else does a girl ever need! #farmbirthday #myrtlecreekbotanicalgardens
The sound of all of my friends voices together at the same time is music to my ears. #bestbirthdayever
My new song Back in The Yard on soundcloud youtube ITunes spotify, from my brain to your ears;) Changing perspective to make the best of everything, old friends are never lost, and watching loved ones move thru life.
Come Famiglia! I would rather have you and miss you terribly then not have you at all! Baci!
Making marinara and marmalatta in cucina di Livia!
I am standing in the river, writing this, being careful not to step on any baby trout, if i had a net i would have dinner without any effort. No one else is here. Espresso starts the morning from the kitchen, then bikes, touring into the countryside, wind along thru meadows of lavender and peach butterflies, hear the clacking of knives chopping herbs thru a little window , smell marinara as you pass by, or simmering porcinis thru a little passageway, a fountain gushes with alpine water to drink, another village every half kilometer, cold pockets of air as each luxurious curve takes you higher into the mountains, the leaves hold their emeraldness, there is just that perfect amount of cool air coming from the alps to keep the insects at bay, i pass no one for a half hour or so, stop at the river and walk in, the rapids cover all sound and it is narnia. -Aja
Ahh finalmente! BreAkfast at cafe sicilia from netflix chefs table, granite heaven!!! Theres even one with figs and spicy red peppers omg. #cafesicilia #sicilia #sicily #colazione #brioche #granite
Loving all the little doors and colors in ortigia, sicily..