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22. Writer. Photographer. Creator. Travel. Broadway. Ravenclaw. I turn every project I do into Bonnie and Clyde.
"Second star to the right." ✨

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It all started with a mouse #mickey90
Once Upon a Time… *Long Post Warning* 
When I first decided to go to #OUATORL, I didn’t know how important those conventions would become to me. I didn’t realize how overwhelming it was to be surrounded by people who had been touched by Once Upon a Time the way I had been. I certainly didn’t know I would run into @endless_fighter in the lobby at registration, and later @amyyxzptlk . 
It wasn’t long until I was being talked into going to #OUATNJ and that turned into one of the best weekends that I’ve had with @anwallen88 , @pawshapedheart , and @sarahnemmons . 
To @creationent , thank you for these cons and these opportunities. 
To @captaingauthier , I loved Smee on the show, but I have an even greater admiration for you after getting to talk to you at both cons. 
To @therealjaredgilmore , I have some of the best memories from your m&g to non-stop laughing at our photo ops. 
To @roseareyn , You were so sweet every time I had the pleasure of meeting you and singing with you at karaoke; a literal ray of sunshine. 
To @colinodonoghue1 and @lparrilla , Thank you so much for making cons so enjoyable and taking your time to spend with us. 
To @thereelbeverley , Your love and gratitude to your fans are undeniable and so inspirational to see and witness. 
To @karendavidofficial , @emiliede_ravin , and @bexmader , All of your beauty and bubbliness are so refreshing and encouraging to be around. Your positivity is contagious. 
To @gilmckinney , It was a pleasure to hear you sing and to shake your hand. You, sir are an inspiration. 
To @leearenberg1211 , Your energy and spirit is unlike any other. You truly unite us all together and help everyone make the most of their con going experience. 
To @raphaelsbarge , You were the first panel I ever attended and I was so excited. You met and exceeded my hopes for what a Once con was and it was an honor. 
And to @stewarttuttle , thank you for asking me how I was enjoying the con and making me realize how much they meant to me.
Make Breakfast Great Again with @gilmckinney @therealjaredgilmore @leearenberg1211 and @captaingauthier I’ve never laughed so much in one panel
Post con sadness is real, but so is this photo of @colinodonoghue1 and I
I swear we’ve been sober all weekend  #ouatnj
Two weeks ago @caseycott and I got to fan over @bandstandbway together at @elsiefest 
This will forever be one of the best experiences that I’ve had.
RUN to go see @americansonplay RIGHT. NOW. Current, emotional, honest, and all together powerful beyond belief. Each character was perfectly in the right and wrong all at the same time in the best ways. What an audience to be a part of. #americansonplay
Happy Birthday, Magic Kingdom 🎇🏰🐭
Stand in solidarity 
#believesurvivors 🖤
“...and you hope you’ve given them the right tools to be off on their own.” - @fthomas32 
Over the past 21 years, I’ve been given countless tools from both parents to use as I embark on new and exciting journeys
I’ve been having a lot of Once Upon a Time feelings lately so here’s Chris Gauthier (@captaingauthier) , the sweetest pirate there is
“To live will be an awfully big adventure” - Peter Pan