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Ginger helps in arthritis, has blood thinning & cholesterol lowering properties. It is also good for cough, nausea & stomach acid. myAkuna Alveo Superfoods www.akuna.com
ANGELICA (Superfood) is good for cardiovascular condition, high blood, headache, inflammation, nerve pains & protects the liver. myAkuna Alveo Superfoods www.akuna.vom
Fennel (Superfood) is good for cough, bronchitis & as Digestive Aid.  Helps stimulate movement of food in the stomach & intestines. #ILoveMyAkunaAlveo www.akuna.com
Green Tea is used in Chinese medicine  to treat asthma, joint pain, cardiovascular disease & for cancer prevention. myAkuna Alveo Superfoods www.akuna.com
Aloe (Superfood) is good for diabetes, asthma, psoriasis & its anti-cancer effects. myAkuna Alveo Superfoods www.akuna.com
Cinnamon (Superfood) is known to have antibacterial & antimicrobial properties. It is beneficial in indigestion, loss of appetite & respiratory tract infections. Check myAkuna Alveo Superfoods www.akuna.com
Alfalfa leaves are rich in chlorophyll, vitamins & minerals. It helps lower cholesterol, high blood & improve arthritis. Check myAkuna Alveo Superfoods @ www.akuna.com.
Out of the 23 ingredients in myAkuna ALVEO, 23 of them are considered to be Superfoods.
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Peppermint has been used for digestive disorders, joint pain, insomnia & to relieve stress & depression.
Revitalize & protect your body with myAkuna ALVEO Superfoods!