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I’ve got 99 problems but my Dirtbike ain’t one ✊🏻

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Can’t beat a freshy  #huskysport  #husqvarna1903.  #flyingmachinefactory #teammichelin @endurotyresmoto_mtb
One bottle of champagne in already with @mlh67 , so best say happy new year now 😁🍾🥂
Twin shock trials action today at Hungry hill #teammichelin  with Witley MCC crew ✊🏻✊🏻
Latest Christmas Knitwear 🍾🥂🍷, we only have the one thank goodness🙀  @docwatson1981  has lost the bet ! and wearing it to staff party #teammichelin
Lunch time with @mlh67 🍷🔥👍
Mr Hawker @neilhawke41 doing his thing ✊🏻
No gym for me tonight , Muntjac Enduro has killed me , staying with these lot ?🔥🍷🔥🍷
Another fantastic Muntjac Enduro 👍, FairPlay to Husky sport boys @lewis_ranger  winning Experts first time out, Dave Coles and Brad Armstrong  on it in experts, me 5th supervets forgot how whoopy that forest gets🙀. #huskysport #teammichelin  @endurotyresmoto_mtb  Big thanks to pit crew Ollie / Mike / Rob , thanks Anthony Ridge for pic ...
Boys having a beer at Muntjac Enduro and remembering Sid Bolter ✊🏻✊🏻
The Pearce Simon Trial ,3rd oldest after Scottish and Scott, welldone Ringwood club , it was mudder 🙀🙀👍