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Here it is in all its spooky glory haha.
My oldest boy, Calem, turns 5 tomorrow. He asked me for a spooky, haunted cake. We looked at pictures of cakes online and of course he picks this insane three tiered thing I could never do. Did my best to give him a spooky, three-tiered, pinata cake. I hate fondant which was all over the kind he wanted, so tried and failed to make my buttercream icing look smooth. Not the best cake ever but could be worse I guess? 
Anyway, happy 5th birthday my sweet, sweet Calem bear.
My good friends @DenofThieves put together an awesome show airing tonight to benefit hurricane relief. Tune in TONIGHT!
Already have some awesome #Hawk fan art being churned out by the uber talented @Bosslogic. Love it.
CawCawwwww! #whatIthinkhawkssoundlike #Deadline
Monster pants! Saw this idea on Pinterest. I have a lot to learn, but not too shabby for my first try. Teaching myself how to sew so I can patch the mysterious missing left knee on every pair of my oldest boy's slacks.
Lemme know when you see it! 
Found the park equipment I workout on covered in these today. I'm gonna shrivel up cause no way I'm working out on this stuff again.
My boy said he wanted to turn me into a monster. Wasn't the filter I expected.
It's Primo time, you freaks.

Fight me tonight on #BloodDrive at 10/9c on @SYFY.
Crazy hair day at school brought not one, but two Jokers!
Found SpongeBob!
Am I...dreaming?
Join my nightmare on a new #BloodDrive, tonight at 10/9c on @SYFY.