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Sometimes a lil homie's just gotta nap Knowwhatimean?
Repost from @geniuskidsla --- Experimenting with non-Newtonian fluids. Yep, just your average activity for 6-8 year olds! Science is everything!! #sciencestudent #genius #scienceexperiment #nonnewtonianfluid #smart #smarties #brilliant #smartkids #smartkidsrock  #lakids #wearethefuture #teacherlife #ilovemyjob #teachersofinstagram --- if you're in LA this is the place to let your kid hang out.
Happy Valentine's day from the Ritchsons. Hope everyone makes lots of babies today!!!
Had such a blast helping my friend @marina_acton with her project the last few days! This pic captures the antics pretty well.
How @ochoachristina does game night. #rulesfromthetabletop
Apparently I was a caveman when I was two.
Tree House Time Machine has screened a few times to positive reveiws, is scheduled to play at lots of amazing festivals this year with many more to come. Really proud of all the amazing feedback so far and grateful to all the talent poured into this project from so many gifted souls. Can't wait to release publicly for all those who can't make these festivals later this year. *I'll be at the Irvine International Film Festival today answering any questions you have after the screening. If you're at the festival today be sure to stop by and say hi! #THTM
#tbt to this little gem as we say Happy Birthday to the best serial killer a cop could ever ask for! Love you @ochoachristina. Congrats on being on like, 16 shows at once  right now. #BloodDrive
Got to read the Gruffalo to Calem's class today! My favorite book for kids his age. Gave it everything I had and the little chumps still said the movie was better. Grrrrrrrr... uffalo.
Almost drown myself in this today
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