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Liberal PM @markopinsta is now ready to take over one of the most #sustainable #Dutch governments ever. He leads by example arriving to the Dutch Royal Palace by #bike 🚲 LIKE if you also want him to join us by bike in December at the #ALDECongress in #Amsterdam 🇳🇱 #sustainability #biking #netherlands
Congrats @neos_eu, back to the Austrian Parliament today renewed with enthusiasm and determination to reshape Austrian politics! 🇦🇹 Head to our Facebook page to read ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP’s statement! #nrw17 #austria #elections #liberalsunited #danke
That’s a great #liberalsunited! Commissioner @vestager with one of our European Women’s Academy candidates Victoria Cmilyte-Nielsen. Victoria has been European Chess Champion and she is now a member of the Lithuanian Parliament 🇱🇹 #powerladies
“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” Liberal cosmopolitan Europeans stand together: @fdp @cl2017 🇩🇪 & @neos_eu @matstrolz 🇦🇹 #liberalsunited #neos #austria #nrw17 #europe
It's the European Week of Cities and Regions and we have good news coming from #Luxembourg. On last Sunday's local elections, our member party Demokratesch Partei held ground winning a total of 108 seats across the whole country, including being number 1 in Luxembourg City with candidate Lydie Polfer 🇱🇺 Thumbs up for more Liberal Mayors in #Europe! 👍🏻
Happening now: Discussing politics in the #Balkans with a group of young liberals from our members parties in Western Balkans. Thanks to @elf_europeanliberalforum and @centerpartiet for making it possible 👌🏻#youth #politics #liberalsunited
It’s Monday and we welcome another new intern at the ALDE Party Secretariat: Zvonimir Karamatic from #Croatia 🇭🇷 He will be assisting the Political Unit in #data analysis. LIKE to wish Zvonimir good luck in his #internship!
Final remarks at #Maastricht event by Individual Members Steering Committee member Thalia Ntoka. Thank you all for coming 🇪🇺👌🏻#liberalsunited
We’re happy to be in #Maastricht today discussing the future of #Europe in the same room where the Maastricht Treaty was signed 🇪🇺ALDE Party President Hans van Baalen MEP said: “Individual Members are the salt and pepper of the ALDE Party” #liberalsunited
We’re scanning the archives of the ALDE Party and we’re finding some gems! Here’s Cecilia Malmström back in 2001 with our colleague @danieltanahatoe (back then @lymec President) at a Leaders’ Meeting in #Gothenburg🇸🇪 More old pictures to come soon on our Facebook 📷 #throwback #nostalgia #memories
Welcome to Roberta Brumana from #Italy, our new #intern at the Political Unit! LIKE to wish Roberta best of luck in her #internship 🍀
Meet the new faces of the individual members Steering Committee! Congratulations to Chris Pyak, Thalia Ntoka, Ashmita Krishna, Enrico Cappelletti & Robert Schliessler 🎉 Head to our Facebook page for full election results details!