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Watchmaker/Horological engineer⌚️, painter🎨, sometimes the guy you see on tv🎬... ehhh, that about covers it.

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It’s all been leading up to this. I can’t wait for you all to see everybody play their hand. It gets gooood.

Btw, if you’re all caught up, you should join us for our live tweet during our season finale this Sunday at 9pm est! @shocityonahill
Things are getting hot and Decourcy’s about to go to work with the crew 🙌🏿😎 @shocityonahill
Wow, thank you for your support, @oprah! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 @brianbanksmovie
Today’s the day, finally. @brianbanksmovie is in theaters!!! @brianbanksfree is truly an inspiration and I’m so glad we have the privilege of being able to help tell his story. 
Go take a look at how this warrior never gave up fighting for himself.
See you guys at the theater tomorrow!!! @brianbanksmovie 
Tickets are available now. Link is in the bio 😬
Only 2 episodes left this season. Sh*t’s about to hit the fan 🤯
We onnnnnn. I can’t wait to see tonight’s ep 😆. @shocityonahill
Next FRIDAY!!! I can’t wait.
Click the link in my bio to snatch up your tickets early!
We’re back at it again!!! Thank you so much to every person who watched and supported. 
I’m so excited to get back to waking in the shoes of Decourcy Ward with such an amazing team alongside me. @shocityonahill for the win 🙌🏿
Tonight was one for the books. The @brianbanksmovie was so full of love and support, I cant even begin to express how grateful I am. And how excited I am for the world to get a chance to experience @brianbanksfree’s journey. 
See you at the theaters Aug 9th!
Mannn, I had ball on the #thedlhughleyshow. We covered everything from @brianbanksmovie to the #gedacademy and #DidntDoItMan (stay tuned, that’ll make sense when you watch haha) Straight foolishness 😂😂. Big love and thanks to @realdlhughley,  @iamjasminesanders and the entire @thedlhughleyshow team. ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Ooooh, it’s getting hot up on here 🔥 🔥 🔥. Jackie and Decourcy might go to blows next week 🤯.
@shocityonahill @showtime