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Watchmaker⌚️, painter🎨, sometimes the guy you see on tv🎬... ehhh, that about covers it.

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Thanks for the love @fortunemag. 
Btw, I gotta shout out my brilliant photographing sister @brianahodge for the pic. Editorial skills on 🔥

I’m steadily building and growing. #BasilTimePiece / #A.Hodge is a constant work in progress. Stay tuned - coming soon✊🏿😎
Yeaaaah boi!! Tickets go on sale today. Link is in the bio. ☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿
When I tell y’all this cast is 🔥🔥🔥 - man y’all ain’t ready 😆
Shenanigans shall commence feb 8th 😂🙌🏿
One more for the cool kids 😎
Shout to the kid @johnlegend on your big 40. Happy bday, brotha.
One month away! Coming to y’all Feb 8th. Get yo momma, yo auntie, yo homegirls, yo high school teacher — get errrrrybody and go see it. You won’t regret it 😎
Lookin like next year is going to be 🔥🔥🔥
Time for a little recap from last night: as a designer and an engineer myself,  I was blown away by what the folks at @Bulleit were able to pull off. That awesome behemoth behind me is a fully printed 3D bar they worked on through a collaboration with the folks at FAR and Machine Histories. Completed it in just three months! Probably the most innovative place I've been served an old fashioned. Not only that, they had 3d printed drinks, 3d printed waffles, 3d printed chocolate. 😳🤯 Insane 🥃😎 #frontierworks #bulleitpartner
Yo, check out how the @Bulleit  family is knocking out their 3D printed drinks. This is awesome - and yes, the nerd in me is doing backflips. #BulleitPartner #FrontierWorks #3DPrintedFrontier
IT’S OFFICIAL!!!🚨🚨 @brianbanksmovie is coming to theaters AUGUST 9th, 2019!!🙌🏿 Who’s ready for this 🔥🔥🔥? 😎
Yo, are y’all ready to find out what happens when Taraji can read my mind?! Check out the new red band trailer for my movie #WhatMenWant, in theatres Feb 8!

Link is in the bio. 😎
I have to say BRAVO all around. Finally got around to watching this wonderful piece of art.
They do such a grand job of illustrating the necessity of conversations and reform that needs to happen regarding police brutality, race relations, understanding what to stand up for and why, building an awareness of cultures that are not your own and how to have mercy through it all. They show the effects of what true family strength looks like. They translate the experience that we see on the news all too often, the fear the strength it takes to live through it and what it means to thrive in the aftermath so well, I think it’s definitely one of the most poignant films on the topic thus far. 
Well done @amandlasponsored @george_tillman #russellhornsby @bobteitel @angiethomas @morereginahall @issarae @common @lamarjohnson @itsalgee and everyone involved.