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Watchmaker⌚️, painter🎨, sometimes the guy you see on tv🎬... ehhh, that about covers it.

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It’s going down tonight as the team finds themselves in a really %&$#ed up situation! Four more to go!! #watchyoursix #getsome #pewpew #navyseals #sixseason2 #sixonhistory #sixonhulu #sixlive
Cheeeeeese #demhodgeboys
#demhodgeboys back to dem shenanigans
Quick post from earlier today - WATCH NERDS ASSEMBLEEEEE!!!
It’s #tourbillonday. Spent some time with my @montresbreguet fam, el presidente @ahmadshahriar. Wish you were with us @lilbreguet
Dis premier about to be da 💩!!!
Been WAITING for this to come out. #Sicariopremier #demhodgeboys
Mission accomplished. Took me a minute to realize that I JUST PERFORMED AT THE DISNEY CONCERT HALL WITH THE @californiaphilharmonic ORCHESTRA!!! Holy $#!T !!!. You can count my bucket list checked off!! Thank you to everyone who came out to support and everyone who supported from afar. This was quite an amazing way to spend my Sunday.
My co-star today.
@panerai #luminor #ultrathin #sunburstdial 
#californiaphilharmonic #lincolnportrait
Got a friend performing with me tonight. His name is @Panerai. I’ll formally introduce y’all later 
#californiaphilharmonic #lincolnportrait
👆🏿 what @lenawaithe said ✊🏿 I just put in my call.
What’s up y’all. Today is World Sickle Cell Awareness Day and I want to introduce you to an awesome 8 year old, who suffers from SC, in the hopes that we could spread the word to help save his life.

Darian is a second-grader who suffers daily from the pain sickle cell disease brings, which causes him to be in and out of hospitals. Since the search for his donor began, there have been 2 matches identified. But sadly, both matches were unavailable to continue with their donations. Darian’s family is desperate to find his lifesaving match. Learn more about Darian here: 
Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder that disproportionately impacts the African American community and can currently only be cured by a bone marrow transplant. Only six percent of registered bone marrow donors in the U.S. and seven percent globally are African American, reducing the odds of sickle cell patients finding their match. 
If you want to learn more or donate, the link is in my bio.
Becaaaause my brother’s dope 😎

#Repost @chaoticsymphony
・・・  Thanks for the dope review Akshay Pai! Six reasons to watch SIX and I agree with all of them! Thanks for showing some love too!! @sternshow  Enjoy the rest of the season! #watchyoursix #sixseason2 #sixonhistory #pewpew #navyseals #warriors #actorslife #watchyoursix #sternshow #historychannel
This is the best part of being a big brother. And the best part about being blessed with the family I have is that we, in the words of my big bro, @chaoticsymphony , “live for these moments”.
Her reaction may have made me shed a thug tear... mayyybe😎

Baby sis @brianahodge has been grinding hard chasing her dreams so we were priveledged with the chance to show her how proud we are with a little love from @teslamotors. #demhodgesibz #demhodgesiblings #thathodgelove