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Day off vibes with #greyandswayze🐾
We did 13,000 steps today so I’m good for a while. #OnePasinisForever
Loved on @ljanetschek/Fizz/Gremliz so hard ⚓️ #OnePasinisForever
“I heard we’re having salmon for dinner again.” #greyandswayze🐾
My cool girl book cover art.
#alessiaslegsinhotelbeds, dying after @heatherettexx and @ian_borneman’s wedding edition.
A rare put-together #lagsandless moment. #bornetobe2019
You, always.
Getting ready to be a part of @heatherettexx and @ian_borneman’s best day ever in this dreamy room 🧡
Day five hair, don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️
Two weeks since the best day 🧡 #LiveLoveLaCast 📸: @jennifercamposphotography
One officiant and one flower girl, comin’ in hot! Our first two proposals were met with an “OMG!” from one party while the other smashed a cheddar broccoli puff into their mouth (I’ll let you guess who was who). Welcome to the wedding party, @_nickmcgee and Jules!