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editor @popsugar | cat mama to #GREYandSWAYZE🐾
➳ where you invest your love, you invest your life. ⚯͛

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The couple that @vans together stays together.
My moody girl.
Thanks,, for the lipstick and for not putting the imprint right at the top so I can use this without ruining it so soon.
This girl loves a box. #jennipurrgrey
When you ask for AirPods for your birthday but your parents still don’t trust you not to lose small, expensive things at 28 years old. This is an upgrade though, so thanks mom and dad. 🎧
I got spoiled this birthday with more @glossier products that I shockingly hadn’t tried yet. These just about complete my collection, and I’m sure the products I’m missing will join the party soon because I hate my wallet.
I keep leaving this book out so I’ll read it during my downtime but then get on my phone and rot my brain on social media every chance I get. 🤫
28 🎉
She got tired of watching the snow and is now so dead to the world she didn’t even wake up when I shook the treat jar.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my friends — particularly @alyssapalermo — get me.
After a week of eating trash and telling the bartender “one more” far too many times, I’m grateful I gave into the million ads I saw for this mask. Bless you, @sandandskyaus.
@mattlags and I need a major detox after this past week, so I’m just going to drop these beautiful pics of our MTL food here so I can cry over them as I eat lettuce for the foreseeable future.