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We came, we saw, we brunched for two hours but were somehow still hungry afterwards.
Felt cute, might delete later.
Just checked in on the cats from our @petcube and can confirm that they are indeed rubbing their butts all over my favorite WFH spot. Nothing is sacred.
We’re going through a phase with Grey — she’s prone to swatting when she’s picked up (which is sometimes necessary, like when she won’t come in from our shared hallway), but that was never the case before. Swayze loves to be snuggled and is up my ass all day, so the juxtaposition of their two behaviors makes me take Grey’s “I hate mom” teenager behavior way more personally. I’m positive she’ll grow out of it, but for now, I’m photographing from afar because she’s too pretty not to be documented (this was taken seconds after she swatted at my hand, but you’d never know 😂).
@mattlags got me a really fancy pen and stationary subscription from @cloth_and_paper for Christmas and now I’m swimming in chic writing instruments.
The middle child portion of our gallery wall, aka the side I never look at because my permanent, molded-to-my-ass spot on the couch is on the other side.
After seeing that Grey and Sway didn’t make it into my top nine posts of 2018 but once, I decided they’d be best living their 18 lives over on their own page. Just some pure, unadulterated cat content. (Fine print: they will still appear here as often, if not more often, than usual. I’m not a monster.) #greyandswayze🐾
My only New Year’s resolution is to have an all pink self-care routine.
I told her we have to put the tree away until next year. She’s . . . not OK. #crazy_swayze
#topnine2018: my skincare shelf, #alessiasletterboard, #lagsandlessapt, @meaganshawww’s MOH proposal, and delish @theshedrestaurant chicken and waffles. Listen, y’all. I’m not going to explicitly tell Grey and Sway that they didn’t make the cut but once, but I am going to tell them we might need cooler cat people friends in 2019.
You heard the man.
I didn’t hit my goal of reading 30 books this year, but I did read 20 (half of which were in the last two months!!). I wrote a bit about a few of my favorites of the year on the blog — link in bio! 📚