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I put away all the sunscreen (don’t @ me) and light summer masks in favor of my hydrating fall picks and even though the rest of our bathroom is disgusting I could stare at this shelf lovingly for hours.
Last night my best friend asked me to be her maid of honor and we partied like it was 1999 (literally. The playlist was all ‘90s and all 🔥). I couldn’t be more excited to be her right-hand woman in planning the happiest day of her life (but mostly the boozy bachelorette, obvs). I love you so much, Megs 🧡 #LiveLoveLaCast
Grey is the most photogenic cat. I enjoy snapping photos of her while screaming, “DON’T PULL THE BLINDS’ STRINGS!” #jennipurrgrey
It’s not often I post a #FBF, but when I do, it’s of meats and cheeses 🧀🥩🍇 (cc: @samsantoro).
#POPSUGARatKohls pop-up shop: making the dingy NYC streets prettier one string of flowers and striped bush at a time.
Sooooo many shapes on this v populated wall (basically the only place things hang in this apartment save for my botched canvas and a fictional beers around the world poster). #LAGSandLESSapt
Am I annoyed that it’s so rainy and windy that my umbrella could barely keep her shit together? Sure. Am I mad about having to wear a jacket? Heck no.
In the words of Kingsley Shacklebolt: “They are coming.” And by “they” I mean the driest days of the year for my hair and skin. So thank you, @jvn, for turning me onto this gorgeous @theouai hair oil, and @theannaedit for photographing this @summerfridays mask so many times it just magically slipped into my @sephora cart and was purchased. 💸
@mattlags turned me onto @ringer’s The Rewatchables podcast and I was reminded just how good this Step Brothers quote is. (Also how cute is this @urbanoutfitters pillow though?)
Staring at tattoo number eight and thinking about number nine 😝 #always⚡️
Boop Grey baby’s little nose while you can — this version can’t swat at your hand 😂
Screaming about how much I love this mirror and the other rose gold decor in our apartment on the *new* blog. Not sure why it’s taken me so long to officially share the relaunch, but after a couple days of self care, an enlightening online class from @jennakutcher, and enough support from the small group of people I’ve shown the blog to, I feel like I’m ready to put myself out there. 🧡 Link in bio!