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editor @popsugar | cat mama to #GREYandSWAYZE🐾
➳ where you invest your love, you invest your life. ⚯͛

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Super cute office gallery wall ℅ @popsugar’s marketing design team. #popsugarlife
Just going to drop this cuteness here. #jennipurrgrey
Two armfuls of my favorite chickens 🍗
My friends tied the knot last night and I just took a 430-hour recovery nap that was more than necessary after partying with these nerds #happilyhayesAG
Let the record show that these shoes were clean for 7.8 seconds on January 11, 2018.
Wake up in the morning looking like P. Diddy (drove a bus into my face).
Oprah 2020 #timesup
IT’S A . . . GIRL! So stoked for @babe.fortuna and @_nickmcgee. This baby girl is already so loved. 💖
Can’t tell if she’s happy to be inside or wishes she could be outside. I know what my answer is. ❄️🌪💨🌨 #crazy_swayze
Wanna talk about kitten paws for four hours? Slide into my DMs. #JennipurrGrey
My people get me. #alessiaspins
We’re still trying to figure out how this thing works. 🥪