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Getting me through this day is the knowledge that a hot bath is in my future 🛀🏼
My legs are actually so hairy, bless @vsco’s brightening tool. #coffeewithalessia
Same, girlfriend. 😴 #crazy_swayze
This extra hour of Sunday got me like 🙃
Cheers to the freakin’ weekend 🙌🏼
*Finding Nemo “first day of school” voice* Third jersey debut day! 😍
Her face when I so much as mentioned putting her in a Halloween costume 😡 #jennipurrgrey
I didn’t want to stop to take this photo and look like a total tourist nerd so naturally, I nearly tripped down an entire set of subway stairs in the process.
The team over at @theskimm has a goal of getting 100,000 people, especially millennials, to vote on Nov. 6. There are #NoExcuses not to express your right to vote in this — or any — election. 🗳 I’m proud to have my name among the thousands of others who have pledged to vote on this page in the @nytimes. You better believe this puppy’s going in a frame. 👉🏼 to see ya girl’s tiny-ass name.
Wrote love letters to the products that are saving my dry hair on the blog — link in bio! 🖊💆🏻‍♀️ (Two posts in one week and I’m feeling more and more like 23-year-old Alessia who wrote six posts a week . . . where did she find the time?!)
When you’ve been thinking it was Friday all day and then someone says “at least tomorrow is Friday!” Welp. #crazy_swayze
Both the bouquet and pumpkin are currently dying on my kitchen counter but I told them not to be such quitters, so they’re hanging in there. 🧡