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A seaside restaurant from the comfort of home. #alessifoods
The shrimp of the chicken world. Just substitute the sea salt with parmesan. #alessifoods
Bait your friends into coming over for dinner. These shrimp will have them sold, hook, line, and sinker. #alessifoods
Something this delicious deserves a fancier name than tomato toast. #alessifoods
Your new best friend is a french fry’s biggest rival. #alessifoods
You know it's a fancy meal when even your plate wears a bowtie. Lots of bowties. #alessifoods
Who said you can't have ice cream for breakfast? Drizzle on espresso and call it café con leche. #alessifoods
Grilled cheese just got a delicious makeover. The new, improved, deluxe version makes for the ultimate meal. #alessifoods
Ring in the first day of summer with this refreshing pasta salad!

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Change it up this Father's Day with a risotto brunch bowl! #alessifoods
You're the olive to my oil and the pasta to my sauce. Here's a great recipe to make with your friends on #nationalbffday!

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