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Sticking to tradition doesn't mean ignoring trends -- it means besting them! The Alessi family has been delivering authentic #Italian meals to the modern #family table since 1947.
Can't pronounce this dish? No worries. You'll still be able to taste the magic. Find the #recipe on our website!
#Breadcrumbs: The greatest thing since sliced bread. Shop now with the link in our bio!
Ditch the chips and liven up your #FourthOfJuly #BBQ with this cool, refreshing side. Get the #recipe with the link in our bio!
This unlikely hero could rescue you from the heat of #summer. Get the #recipe with the link in our bio!
No cashews here, folks... These are real pine nuts. Why settle for substitutes when you can enjoy the #Italian countryside from the comfort of your own #dinner table?
Although every Alessi sauce is made with fresh basil and vine-ripened tomatoes imported straight from #Italy, the debate rages on: smooth or chunky?
ICYMI: #Mozzarella makes everything better.
Indecisive? This 2-way Balsamic #Salmon recipe should do the trick.
Browse our all-star lineup and see if you can spot your favorite #vegan-friendly vinegar.
This tangy crossover dish proves that #Italy and #Asia are a match made in heaven.
Our one-step lasagne noodles are suppertime superheroes. This is Alessi’s traditional #recipe. What’s your family’s go-to?