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What peppermint patties want to be when they grow up. #alessifoods
A surefire way to impress the in-laws. #alessifoods
Because Halloween felt way too short this year. #alessifoods
This year's potluck won’t know what hit it. #alessifoods
Convert any skeptic to a die-hard veggie fan. #alessifoods
An entrée worthy of a Fall feast. #alessifoods
Garlic purée and red wine get along just fine. #alessifoods
Look out, candy corn. There's a new sheriff in town. #alessifoods
Yes, this counts towards your 5 daily servings of fruits and veggies. #alessifoods
This 25-minute meal will squash your go-to rice recipe. #alessifoods
The old "garlic keeps away vampires" trope was just an excuse to eat more of this dish. #alessifoods
When you cook with chicken and pesto, every burger is well done. #alessifoods