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CT State Senator, District 36. Mom, lawyer, advocate, change-maker.

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I love my job and morning meetings with constituents! Now that session is over, I’m doing regular “office” hours at neighborhood coffee shops. Please stop by or set up an appointment by email to I look forward to seeing you! And Daisy does too.
First time in Austin, Texas and I am so inspired! Met Bob Northington (Nichola’s grandfather) who led school integration in Midland in the 1960s. A true hero. Walked across the Ann Richards Bridge - another hero who forged solutions where others saw divisions. Austin also has the best food scene. And is home to @central_market with the best produce and cheese selection ever! A great American city. 
Happy to report that we made major advances on environmental policy and clean energy in CT. Didn’t get everything we wanted, but we moved the needle. And will continue the fight!

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The House just passed our SB72 with strong bipartisan support! This originated as my bill, then became a joint effort with my colleagues. What a great team! The bill gives student debt relief to college grads who live and work in CT. Recruiting and retaining young talent grows our workforce and our economy!
ALERT: The Governor’s office blocked my Infrastructure Bank bill SB70. Last night it passed the Senate 22-14 but the House will not take it up unless the Governor supports it. By refusing to support it, he’s rejecting an opportunity to deliver many of the things he says he wants: • Public-Private Partnerships
• More funding for infrastructure • Low-cost, high quality projects
• Faster trains and transit
• More efficient government
• A pro-business economy 
For months, I fought for this High-Impact Bill to transform our infrastructure and economy. I worked with experts, colleagues, agencies and across the aisle. But in the end, state agencies did not want it to apply to transportation infrastructure (which is exactly what we need) and the Governor sided with them. The public deserves to know how good ideas die in CT. 
So proud to have introduced, defended (for 3 hours) and passed my SB70 Bill to create a CT Infrastructure Bank! This is the model for Public-private partnerships that transform our roads, bridges and rails and give taxpayers the best return on investment. Unless you’re satisfied with our current infrastructure (what DOT can do on its own), a CIB is the mechanism to deliver government accountability and cost efficiency. A bold and innovative idea that’s been working in Europe for decades and is underway in more than 20 U.S. states. This will move CT forward, galvanize economic growth and bring businesses here!
Kesha rocked the Greenwich Film Festival tonight! Thank you @greenwichfilm and @iiswhoiis. Theme song:
#dontletthebastardsgetyoudown #giff
Only 3 days left and still we have not addressed one of the BIGGEST issues in our state - Infrastructure! We need a new source of revenue AND an Infrastructure Bank to achieve real accountability, lower cost projects and Public-private partnerships. Until we pass BOTH these bills, CT will continue to crumble and decay economically. I’ve been ringing the alarm bell and taking fire on this issue for months because I believe in doing what’s best for our state, regardless of political pressure. And protesters agree! 
After spending days and nights inside the Capitol, I got a breath of fresh air with friends from the House. We are all waiting while “debate” goes on for hours, running the clock down. With only 170 hours left in this session and so many more bills to pass, every hour is a precious resource. We need a new system, with time limits and transparency. I didn’t come to Hartford to maintain the status quo. #determined
Thrilled to vote for three bills that will ban Ghost Guns and require Safe Storage in homes and cars. This is the culmination of years of work by many amazing advocates. When we make our voices heard, we MAKE change happen! 
Tonight we were able to pass SB1 to give CT the right to Paid Family Medical Leave. 183 out of 185 countries have this policy because it helps people and businesses. It’s about time we have PFML in CT too!
I’m proud to speak out for the right of ALL women to control our bodies and lives. We expect the people we elect to respect our autonomy. And if they don’t, we can vote, run for office and win their seats! Thank you to the organizers and advocates who are making our voices heard. 
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