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Danish actor, photographer and crippled viking. Represented by Panorama Agency and United Talent Agency.

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Jeg er mildest talt skide stolt af at være blevet Ungdommens Røde Kors’ første store ambassadør. URK er Danmark største humanitære ungdomsorganisation, som hjælper udsatte børn og unge med problemer som ensomhed, misbrug, vold og kriminalitet. Organisationen udgøres af 20.000 børn og unge og de er tilstede mere end 100 steder i Danmark. 
Jeg har været super priviligeret gennem mit liv, da jeg har haft utroligt støttende forældre og familie som har givet mig muligheden for, at lave hvad jeg elsker. Det er ikke alle børn og unge der har den mulighed, så dem vil jeg give en hjælpende hånd. “Det skal sgu bare gøres” som min far sagde da han hev mit til blodbanken så snart det var muligt. 
Stort tak til Ungdommens Røde Kors, jeg glæder mig helt vildt til at komme igang! Tjek link ud i bio. 🖖🏻
I’m super proud and stoked to announce that I’m the first official ambassador for The Danish Red Cross Youth. I cannot wait to meet, chat and have fun with you all - I have so many ideas!
Red Cross Youth is the largest humanitarian youth organisation in Denmark and helps vulnerable children and young people with issues like loneliness, abuse, violence and crime. The organisation consists of 20,000 children and young people and are present more than 100 places in Denmark. The Red Cross Youth works with young people in Greenland, Eastern Europe and Africa.
#UngdommensRødeKors #RedCrossYouth #ambassador
The sun is shining on Elias. Good hair day, new gig, a well fitted coat and he even got me in focus. Solid.
New @wiinston music video shot by @isaacproduction in progress. #channelingmyinnermagnoliaCruise @capitolrecords
You can’t sit with us.
Good cop, bad cop.
This boat was rocking.
📸: @marcoilsoe
Marco Ilsø appreciation post. #socuteimgonnadie #ifhewasapieiwouldeathimup ❤️💕👨‍❤️‍👨
Talk the talk, walk the walk.
Jonathan Hession captured this moment of me catching my breath in between takes of shooting the battle scenes in “Homeland”, episode 3 in season 5 of Vikings. 
Shooting these scenes were quite a physical challenge and required that I stayed in my zone, locked in, to get through(That’s when work peaks btw), so I had no idea Jonathan, our unit stills photographer, was even on set that day. 
This photo captures a style of photography that I personally find the most interesting and try myself to achieve when I’m eternalising moments behind my own camera. It’s “the photo between photos”, in lack of a better description, that captures a pure, authentic, personal and most of all unposed moment of the subject.
Thank you for this one pal, good shot man. @historyvikings
Sunshine(!), beautiful beach, reading a great book(The Nix) in a 45lbs heavy costume while eating Pringles. Sublime day at work today. #whosaidyoucouldntgetataninIreland
When she finally responds to your desperate love letter text that you know she opened 35 min. ago. 
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@ryanwestphoto 📸
“They both feel strongly that their photographs capture the combined talents of the many different departments that go into the final images appearing on our TV or cinema screens. The photographs on these walls show the end results of many different skills.” #teamworkmakesthedreamwork “Vikings In Focus” by unit stills photographers Jonathan Hession and Bernard Walsh. Experience the exhibition at the Mermaid Gallery(Mermaid Arts Centre) in Bray until 17 March. Free admission. 
Thank you for showing your beautiful and very inspirational work guys.